6 Essential Things to Look For When Buying CBD For Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets

Tips to ensure that your pet gets the CBD they deserve

As one of the newest trends in a booming market, cannabidiol (CBD) for pets continues to sweep the industry. While hemp and CBD oils are fantastic additions to your four-legged friend’s daily routine, the immense popularity has led to an abundance of fly-by-night companies looking to make a quick buck with a lower quality product.

When buying CBD oil for dogs, cats and other pets, there are plenty of things you can look for to ensure that you’re buying a reputable product. Below, we’ve compiled a buying guide with details on these six important characteristics to help you find the best CBD oil for pets available.

Proper CBD Amount and Delivery for Your Pet

When looking to buy CBD for dogs, cats, or other pets it’s essential to choose the right delivery system to provide them with the proper amount. Tinctures and droppers work best, as you can easily control the exact amount of CBD you’re dispersing into your pet’s mouth or into their food. The best pet CBD products also utilize olive oil as opposed to traditional MCT oil for easy digestion in dogs and cats.

Though you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines, you’ll typically want to start with a lower amount at first, just once a day, and gradually increase as needed. This allows you to gauge changes in behavior and better monitor the effects of CBD oil on your pet. The best CBD companies provide different potencies for different sizes of animals. If you can, it’s important to coordinate the size of your pet with the appropriate milligrams.

Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

With so many CBD companies popping up left and right, it’s increasingly important to affirm adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), especially when buying CBD for your animals. The best CBD oil companies clearly state cGMP compliance, which shows proof of safety and quality.

The basic principles of GMP involve properly designed and adequate facilities, utilities, and equipment; proven regular updates and maintenance; certified, qualified and trained employees, validated processes and test methods; and documented procedures and manufacturing records. When you’re surfing the web for the perfect CBD products for dogs or cats, you’ll want to be sure you see this stamp of assurance.

With the lack of regulation and high revenue potential in the CBD space, many businesses sidestep this process to accelerate profits. Your pet deserves the best-quality CBD ingredients and the best experience, and it’s imperative to hold your CBD company to a high standard.

Adequate Pricing of CBD Products

The pricing of CBD products for pets can serve as a good indicator of quality. Organic hemp, quality ingredients and adherence to cGMPs add overhead but are not an excuse for exorbitant prices. Extremely high prices probably indicate more hype than substance. Alternatively, extremely cheap CBD is a definite red flag. These companies are often cutting corners in one area or another, will have inconsistent or potentially harmful products and won’t be around for long. Be sure to do your research to find the ideally priced CBD for your pet, just as you would any other ingestible product.

Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is an official report from an accredited laboratory that depicts a breakdown of the different cannabinoids and compounds in a brand’s CBD oil. With the abundance of CBD businesses, transparency is one of the essentials that keeps the best CBD brands around. Access to the CoA is imperative to assuring the quality and safety of the CBD you’re getting, so be sure to locate the CoA of any CBD you might be considering for you or your pet, and you’ll find that some companies go the extra mile. At Redeem Therapeutics, for example, we display the test results for each specific batch of CBD oil, including the official report from a certified lab. Our CoA confirms the potency, terpene content, and the lack of heavy metals, pesticides, and bacterial contamination that is needed to ensure our oil is only helping your pet!

Independent Reviewers

To know you’re getting the best CBD for your dog or cat, you’ll want to be sure your trusted CBD brand uses an independent review site, or third party reviewership, such as Trustpilot. Many CBD companies simply write fake reviews and post them on their website. Third party, independent review companies ensure vaid, authentic, and up-to-date product critiques from real people who have tried the product guaranteeing that you have access to the most relevant assessments. This way, you know that your beloved, four-legged best friend is getting only the most acclaimed CBD oil products.

Recap: Be extra careful buying CBD for your pets

It’s vital to exercise due diligence when buying CBD for your pet. To revisit and summarize, make sure you’re paying attention and looking for:

  • Proper dosage options
  • Ideal delivery methods
  • Adherence to cGMP standards
  • Adequate pricing
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Independent Reviewers

At Redeem Therapeutics, we are committed to developing natural CBD for dogs and cats, as well as for their owners. Whether you’re looking for CBD for you or your pets, we’ve got you covered with high-quality, optimal-spectrum CBD oils designed to help you take back your health.