CBD Bioavailability and Why It Matters

Is bioavailability the key to finding the best CBD oil?

In an overcrowded market, it can be difficult to separate the best CBD products from the mediocre ones. And with terminology like “cannabinoids,” “terpenes,” and “bioavailability,” it may feel like you need a degree in biology to fully understand CBD product labels. But there’s no need to crack open those textbooks quite yet--Redeem Therapeutics is here to explain why one of the newest buzzwords in the industry, CBD bioavailability, matters to you.


Defining CBD Bioavailability

The term “bioavailability” originally comes from the field of pharmacology and refers to the degree to which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream--basically a fancy way of saying how much of a compound actually gets into your system.  Bioavailability is affected by many different factors, like age, sex, and physical activity, but is especially impacted by the method in which a substance is taken into the body. For example, injecting a substance directly into a vein offers maximum bioavailability because the full dose of the compound is immediately available in the bloodstream, though this is only necessary in certain clinical situations where medicine needs to act quickly.

CBD, on the other hand, is most practically delivered systemically through a method such as a CBD dropper or spray where the oil is absorbed through the thin mucosal membrane under the tongue. This is called sublingual delivery. Sublingual delivery is the most efficient way to administer CBD because the tissues under the tongue are very thin and rich with capillaries. Sublingual dosing facilitates more complete and faster absorption of CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes into your system and is preferred to simply swallowing the oil.

Quickly swallowing your dose of CBD oil is arguably the least effective way to take your CBD. When CBD is swallowed it goes immediately to the stomach, where it is subjected to the digestive process, slowly absorbed by the small intestine, and taken directly to the liver where it is broken down. This process is called first pass metabolism and is the worst method of administering CBD because most of the CBD is destroyed before it comes in contact with your endocannabinoid system.

How does this impact my CBD benefits?

Looking to maximize your CBD benefits? CBD bioavailability should be at the top of your list when searching for CBD products. CBD bioavailability impacts how well the product works in two ways--how quickly you feel the benefits of CBD and how long those effects last. Some studies have shown that CBD bioavailability through ingestion, with products like CBD edibles and capsules, is as low as 4-6%, while the average bioavailability by sublingual dosage is 35-50% depending on how long you hold the dose under your tongue and if the dose is applied through a drop or mist. The only administration methods that are comparable to sublingual, such as inhalation, like smoking or vaping, and suppositories have significant disadvantages in convenience or potential negative health effects.

So what are the best ways to take CBD?

All of this discussion about CBD bioavailability really leads to one question: what are the best ways to take CBD? At Redeem Therapeutics, we bottle our products with a fine-mist sprayer to guarantee the ideal bioavailability in every spritz. When sprayed, our CBD oil is atomized into fine particles, greatly improving surface area. More surface area combined with sublingual administration means your body can put more of the CBD to use quickly and easily, and you can enjoy the benefits of CBD faster and for longer. Additionally, the innovative design of our metered spray gives you the same volume in each application, so you can rely on a consistent dosage of CBD in every spray. Can your CBD edible do that?

Hold it! One Last Thing...

The length of time you hold your dose under your tongue will determine how much of the oil is absorbed. We recommend that you hold your spritz under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing, although 60 seconds is ideal. As you increase your dose, consider increasing the amount of time you hold the oil under your tongue before swallowing.

We want you to get the maximum benefit and value out of your CBD oil. We make sure our product is consistently made so you can count on the amount of CBD being delivered. Likewise, you should administer the CBD oil in the same way every time to ensure consistency in your body's ability to absorb the oil.

Higher CBD bioavailability distinguishes the best CBD products from the rest. Shop with Redeem Therapeutics to ensure you get a product you’ll love.


At Redeem Therapeutics, we are committed to creating the best CBD products for consumers that are ready to redeem their health. We develop high-quality CBD products that are safe, consistent, and always made from organic hemp. Our CBD oil is grown by nature and perfected by science. Don’t believe us? We’re not afraid to show you our third-party testing data because we want you to feel as confident in our products as we are. Try CBD oil from Redeem Therapeutics for yourself!