Does CBD Topical Pain Cream Work?

Topicals are one of the CBD industry’s newest trends, but do they work? And how?

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are often subject to much skepticism, and with the emerging popularity of CBD pain creams, the trend continues. CBD topical pain creams are CBD-infused creams and lotions formulated for application on the skin. These products are believed to provide a wide range of benefits such as reducing inflammation and pain from arthritis, injury, or exercise, but do they actually work? And if CBD pain creams do work, how do they work? Below, we dive into the need-to-know regarding CBD creams and lotions.

How CBD Pain Creams Work

CBD is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups, but over a third of CBD users are above the age of 45. According to the Arthritis Foundation, 55% of arthritis sufferers using CBD for their symptoms use a topical product daily to provide localized relief and 69% use an ingestible tincture. A well crafted CBD topical is a good place to start if you are unsure about CBD products or how your body will respond. Many doctors recommend topicals as an initial step in relieving joint and muscle pain because topicals do not have a systemic effect and therefore carry a lower risk of adverse reaction.

One of the most popular hemp products designed for topical pain relief is CBD topical pain cream, though there is still some confusion about how this product works. From maintaining overall homeostasis to decreasing inflammatory responses and desensitizing pain receptors, CBD pain creams can interact with our endocannabinoid system and other receptors, such as TRPV1 or vanilloid receptors, to modulate pain. Additionally, the National Institute of Health is tracking at least 47 clinical studies investigating the effects of CBD on pain and inflammation. If you are reading this blog, you have probably heard one of the multitudes of anecdotal accounts from friends and family that speak to the effectiveness of these products. Although more research is needed to say with certainty how CBD pain creams work to relieve pain, the body of evidence is growing.

What to Look for in a CBD Pain Cream

More and more CBD brands are introducing their own CBD pain creams, and it can be difficult to know what to look for when browsing the seemingly endless options for CBD topical pain creams. The best CBD companies remain transparent about their products and processes, make certificates of analysis available to their customers, and provide informative labels with relevant information. A high-quality CBD product should list all ingredients and potential allergens on the label, as well as other credible information, such as statements verifying that the product contains 0% THC or is made in the United States. Additionally, a CBD topical pain cream should be formulated with therapeutic essential oils and menthol, capsicum, and arnica extract to promote immediate relief. Our proprietary formulation is non-greasy, quickly absorbed, will not stain your clothing, and best of all, provides immediate and lasting relief.

While our team believes in the healing power of CBD, we know that it is a useful element of holistic medicine, not a magical cure-all. Therefore, we advise all CBD customers to be wary of products that make extraordinary claims, as these products are often overpriced and ineffective. Be sure to maintain realistic expectations as you try out any CBD product and consult your doctor if you have any concerns. Oh, and we hate to nag, but there is no remedy that can replace an anti-inflammatory diet and moderate exercise for the maintenance of joint health, reduction of joint related pain, and range of motion. 

How to Use CBD Pain Creams

Each CBD topical pain cream is different, so be sure to follow the instructions for how to use your particular product. Often, CBD pain creams are used as needed by applying a small amount of the cream to the affected area, rubbing in the cream completely, and then washing your hands. If you have any concerns about using a CBD topical pain cream, don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor to make sure it is right for you. Additionally, CBD pain creams can be used in conjunction with CBD tinctures to maximize your CBD benefits.

As important as it is to use your CBD product correctly, potency is what makes or breaks a CBD pain cream. While ordinary pain creams may only include a few hundred milligrams of CBD, we have taken our CBD pain cream to the next level with 1500mg of CBD in our 100ml airless pump, so you get more pain relief for less. 

The era of over reliance on pharmaceutical pain relievers is over. At Redeem Therapeutics, nature and science combine to form powerful natural remedies. Our CBD pain cream takes advantage of the best of what nature provides and applies scientific refinement so we can produce the best CBD products on the market. Our high-quality CBD pain cream, CBD oils, and CBD pet products are made with our organic hemp grown in the U.S. and are produced in adherence with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Try our CBD pain cream for yourself!