How to Know if CBD is Right for Your Pet

With limited research, how do you know if hemp products are right for your furry pal?

Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to become a household term, and nothing enters the house without your dog knowing about it. But how do you know if CBD is right for your pet, specifically? With a ton of buzz around the idea of CBD for dogs, cats, or other pets, it’s important to understand the benefits, side effects, and uses for this product. Below, we break down CBD for pets to serve as a steadfast resource and to help with your decision-making on the topic.

Possible Benefits of CBD for Pets

Despite the limited research currently available on the benefits of CBD for pets, some studies are already showing positive results that dog and cat lovers can get excited about. A study from Cornell University found that consistent doses of CBD contributed to increased comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis. Some studies have also shown promising results for dogs with epilepsy whose condition improved with CBD oil. In addition to possible benefits for dogs with arthritis and epilepsy, some individual pet owners noticed improvements in their pets’ anxiety, appetite, and overall pain, although it is more difficult to verify these particular benefits. While CBD may not be right for every pet, there are no confirmed risks associated with trying low doses of CBD oil.

What to Look for in CBD Oil for Pets

If you have decided to try out a CBD product for your dog or cat, do your research and choose wisely. The market for CBD pet products is jam-packed with all kinds of CBD brands, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help pet parents find a high-quality product. From capsules to treats and oils, there are a variety of CBD delivery systems that allow your pet to enjoy their CBD benefits. However, a CBD oil with a dropper gives pet owners the most flexibility in how their pets can experience CBD benefits. Whether you use a dropper to directly administer CBD into your dog or cat’s mouth or sprinkled on top of their favorite meal, CBD oil for pets is a versatile way to enhance your furry friend’s health.

If you know that your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach, you should also do some research into which carrier oil is in your pet’s CBD oil. While MCT oil is a commonly used carrier for human CBD oil, it is not easy for dogs and cats to digest. Redeem’s CBD oil for dogs and cats is made with olive oil, instead, as this carrier is gentler on pets’ digestive systems. Additionally, pet owners can make sure they are getting the best CBD products for their dog or cat by searching for products that come with a certificate of analysis and easily accessible third-party test results.

Using CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats for the First Time

If you have considered the potential benefits of CBD for your pet and have done your research to find the best CBD oil for dogs and cats, it’s time to try it out. Be sure to start slow and see how it affects your pet. Start with just a couple of drops of CBD oil with your pet’s meal, keeping track of the dosage and your pet’s reaction over the next several hours. Be on the lookout for any potential side effects, including drowsiness, fatigue, or changes in appetite, and note the dosage that produced these side effects so you can adjust the amount of CBD in the future. This is a gradual process that should help you find an ideal balance of CBD benefits for your pet.

Although there are no verified risks associated with CBD for pets, humans and animals alike react to CBD differently, so be aware of your pet’s unique response. If you notice your dog or cat having a negative reaction to CBD, bring up your concerns with your veterinarian. Vets may not be able to recommend or prescribe CBD for dogs or cats, but they are always looking out for the health of your pet and can help you determine if a side effect is a cause for concern. You know your pet best, and only you can decide if CBD is right for your dog or cat. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the resources available and give it a try!

At Redeem Therapeutics, we are experts at combining the best of nature with advanced science to provide the best CBD products on the market. From high-quality CBD oils and pain creams for human use to our unique CBD oils for dogs and cats, our team of scientists creates outstanding natural solutions to help you--and your four-legged friend--remain healthy. Responsible pet parents know that they can rely on optimal-spectrum CBD from Redeem Therapeutics.