Redeem’s Hand Sanitizer: Formulated With Simple, Optimal Ingredients

Oh, and a little bit of love, too


Given the current state of the world and the looming threat of COVID-19, we find ourselves in uncharted territory regarding health and wellness. Resources surrounding cleanliness—not just toilet paper, but also hand sanitizer— are increasingly limited, and many people have resorted to homemade solutions and makeshift alternatives. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC), however, strongly advises against making your own hand sanitizer for several reasons, but specifically because it is a complicated formulation that requires preciseness and experience to ensure effectiveness. 


Why Hand Sanitizer? 

Here at Redeem Therapeutics, our primary goal is to help our customers take back their health. While we specialize in a wide range of locally sourced, Optimal Spectrum CBD products designed to contribute to this cause, the overall wellness of our community remains of the utmost importance. 

With our background in pharmaceuticals and unrivaled experience with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meticulous formulation processes, we decided to use our core capabilities to help alleviate the hand sanitizer shortage, and help those who help us. We’re simply returning the favor. Our hand sanitizer is carefully formulated with the ideal ingredients, exact ratios, and precise measurements to deliver the protection we so desperately need today. 


How Is It Made? 

Our hand-crafted hand sanitizer is carefully formulated using five simple ingredients:  

  • Water
  • Alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6
  • Aloe 

     This recipe is intentionally simplified, adding only what is needed to effectively kill microbes and to be gentle on your skin. For hand sanitizers, the CDC recommends at least 60% Ethyl alcohol or 70% Isopropyl alcohol. Our formulation follows this recommendation to ensure that the solution is both effective at killing germs and is also safe to use. 

    Glycerin and aloe are FDA approved ingredients that moisturize and lessen the harshness of the alcohol on your skin. These compounds leave your hands feeling soft and smooth without an oily residue or stickiness. Both glycerin (otherwise known as glycerol) and Aloe are common ingredients in wound and burn treatments. For stabilization and creation of a smooth, luxurious gel we included polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, which is a synthetic polymer that stabilizes and thickens water-based solutions with a non-sticky finish. This ingredient is what gives our hand sanitizer its recognizable texture and feel. Getting the ratios for these ingredients just right is no easy task, but that’s why we’re the experts. 


    At Redeem Therapeutics, we combine nature and science to deliver a wide range of diverse and unique products aimed at enhanced health and wellness. Our CBD oils and tinctures provide innovative methods of reconnecting with your immune system. Our CBD pain cream offers targeted relief and a soothing recovery. Our CBD for dogs and cats provide your four-legged best friend with a flavorful CBD experience they’re sure to love. And now, when the world needs it most, we’ve embarked on another venture to bring safe, healthy, and simple hand sanitizer to those in need. Try our hand sanitizer today!