Hemp Extract For Cats


Let's not leave the cats out to dry! Does your cat struggle with anxiety, arthritis, pain or appetite issues? Cats might not be as vocal about their issues, but they equally deserve to be looked after. To accommodate, we added a nice chicken flavor to sweeten the deal. Look who's talking 'meow.

CBD Benefits

Cat's have feelings too!

Just like for humans, CBD interacts with their Endocannabinoid system. CBD could be a great option to help promote overall wellness and provide relief. While we often treat our cats like humans, we're note exactly alike. And that's why we suspended our Hemp Extract for Pet's in Olive Oil as opposed to MCT Oil. Various studies suggest that Olive Oil is much easier for dogs to digest. Only the best for our pets!

Consistent Formula

The hemp plant has a naturally broad lineup of chemical compounds. But variations from plant to plant result in inconsistencies. To ensure that you get the same CBD product each time, we use our "Optimal Spectrum" process–– where we meticulously balance compounds in order to achieve our precise formula. This marriage of nature and science makes for the most consistent CBD around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cannabinoids and terpines?

Cannabinoids are naturally-occurring chemical compounds and include the likes of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC. Some are created by your body ("endo"-cannabinoids) while others are created by plants like cannabis ("phyto"-canabinoids). Both interact with receptors found on cells throughout your body in locations ranging from the brain down to your gut. These interactions can help with the regulation of other organic chemicals (i.e. seratonin, dopamine) and generally help to promote balance throughout the major systems in your body.

How long will my bottle last?

Each product that we offer comes in a 30ml bottle— a volume that translates to 180 sprays. If you were to take 6 sprays / day of your CBD oil, any of our bottles would last you 1 month (30 days). To figure out just how much CBD you are getting with each spray (based on whether you are using a Full, Extra, or Max Strength tincture), check out our Dosage Tracker. It contains a chart called the "milligram grid" where we've done the math for you. It breaks down exactly how much CBD you are getting from the dose you take and helps you to settle on a dose that best works for you.

What does "Optimal Spectrum" mean?

When it comes to getting a robust hemp extract (rich in cannabinoids and terpenes), "Full Spectrum" products are widely considered the premier option. This is because "Full Spectrum" solutions contain all of the natural components of the cannabis plant. While this sounds nice, cannabinoid and terpene levels vary from plant to plant. This means that the concentrations in your CBD oil will vary, too.

Is this product the right one for me?

Our current product line comes in three different strengths: Full (250 mg), Extra (750 mg), and Maximum (1500 mg) strength. For those who have never tried CBD and want to see what it is all about, we recommend starting with Full Strength. Someone who understands the benefits of CBD and wants to keep a steady regimen would likely be interested in the Extra Strength solution. And the person who is either in need of significant relief or looking to take a large dose of CBD (>50mg / day) will get the best value from our Maximum Strength tincture. As always, if you have any questions about products or dosing, feel free to contact our expert support at questions@redeemrx.com.