By Redeem | Mar 15, 2021

Redeem Therapeutics to Compete in the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup

Redeem Therapeutics to Compete in the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup

By Redeem | Mar 15, 2021

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    We are proud to share that our CBD Pain Cream has been entered in the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup, in the Topicals category.

    Want to judge? Judging kits are available now!

    What is the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup?

    The High Times Hemp Cup is a nationwide competition for the best hemp-derived products. Hemp products entered into the competition get packaged into assorted Judge Kits that are distributed across the country for consumers to test and judge each product inside of their kit. Judge Kits will be shipped to a valid US addresses only and will be available online until they are sold out.

    How Do I Become a Hemp Cup Judge?

    Judge Kits are available at Anyone who is interested in becoming a judge may do so by ordering a kit online. If you purchase a Judge Kit, you MUST test and submit scores and comments for all products. Requests, modifications, or swaps will be kindly declined. All of your feedback is important and is anonymously sent to the brands who submitted their product. Judges have until May 2 to complete judging for all products in their Kits.

    What Comes Inside of a Hemp Cup Kit?

    Hemp Cup kits will be assortments of Hemp-derived products from various brands. There are about 225 different products in the competition spread across 13 different types of kits. There will be 12 different types of kits for humans, and 1 type of kit for Pets. The type of kit that a customer will receive is chosen at random, so Judges will not be able to choose which kit they get. If one customer orders multiple kits, High Times will ensure that each kit received is different, up to a maximum of 12 different types of kits.

    There will be about 25-27 items in each kit. Each kit will include products from the following categories of hemp-derived products:

    • Flower
    • Pre-Rolls
    • Concentrates & Extracts
    • Edibles: Gummies
    • Edibles: Non-Gummies
    • Topical lotions, Salves, Oils, and Balms
    • Sublinguals and Tinctures
    • Capsules
    • Once I Receive My Kit, What Do I Do?

    Each Hemp Cup Judge Kit comes with a Judges Card which gives you a link to the High Times Judge Portal and the access code for the specific Judge Kit type you have. Judges will access the Judge Portal to find a list of products within their kit and can choose the product they are testing, then submit their scores and feedback based on the portal’s questions and criteria. Just leave detailed comments in the comments section, and include a description of your entire experience with the product.

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