Earn Points and $ave!

Rewards Program Details:

  • If you are already a customer with an account, you can simply log in to your account - you've already got a rewards account.
  • If you do not have an account with us, you can simply click on the button on the bottom left of any page to open the Rewards Dashboard.

Your point balance will appear in your Redeem™ Rewards dashboard and will also display on every page of the website in the bottom right corner when you're logged into your account.

In your Redeem™ Rewards dashboard, select the tab called *Redeem Points*. Here you'll see all the rewards we offer. If you have enough points, you can redeem them for a reward. You need 500 points to start redeeming your rewards.

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can!

Yes! You will still earn rewards with recurring purchases and can apply the discount code given when you cash in your points. If you need help, contact us at [email protected].

* **Approved:** These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately
* **Pending:** These points need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals
* **Canceled:** These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to canceled)

Your pending points will become canceled and will be removed from your account.

You, or someone you referred, canceled or returned a purchase.

It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points. if you made a purchase, it will take a few days before points are awarded.

Not directly - please redeem your points for a voucher in your Redeem™ Rewards dashboard, which can then be applied during checkout.

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued.

Just contact us and we'll re-enroll you. However, your point total will begin from zero.

Please use our contact page or give us a call at (803) 736-3577

  • If you exhibit bot behavior or take advantage of our program, you will be kicked off and orders canceled.
  • You are not allowed to use your rewards account to stack points and place only free orders
  • You are not allowed to say that your birthday is on the same day that you sign up just to get points
  • You are not allowed to create multiple rewards accounts with the same phone number
  • If we try reaching out by phone or email to establish your authenticity and neither of those work, your account will be disabled.