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Brand Ambassadors

Are you interested in being an Ambassador for Redeem Therapeutics? Our Brand Ambassador program takes Rewards and Affiliate Referrals to the next level.

We reward our brand ambassadors with free products & gifts, exclusive discounts & giveaways for followers, product testing, and more.

The Redeem Therapeutics Brand Ambassador Program is for loyal CBD users who are actively posting and promoting the fact that they use Redeem Therapeutics. Ideally, they are people who genuinely love our products and want to share the positive effects they have experienced. The program is driven by set goals in relation to sales, website visitors, content, assistance program applications, or some other unique factors. We like to build relationships with our ambassadors. We personally respond to each submission and work to build a strategy together. We encourage you to sign up today!

Brand Ambassador Guidelines:

  • We will work out a unique agreement with each brand ambassador
  • Each brand ambassador will have a set amount of time until the contract is up for review and our agreement is evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Number of clicks being driven through a unique referral link
    • Quality of website sessions driven through a unique referral link
    • AP submissions being driven through a unique referral link
    • Wholesale / White / Private label inquiries being driven through a unique referral link
    • Sales being driven through a unique referral link or coupon code
    • Amount of content being generated by the brand ambassador

If you're interested in being a Brand Ambassador, fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within 5 business days.

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