By Redeem | Mar 9, 2023

Get 30% Off All The Time!

Get 30% Off All The Time!

By Redeem | Mar 9, 2023

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    Getting high-quality CBD delivered at a great price has never been so easy!

    Never miss a dose again. Just click the “Subscribe & Save (30%)” option before you add your products to your cart, and we’ll automatically schedule your order, on your schedule. Pick your delivery schedule in the drop-down that appears, for CBD products that get delivered on time whenever you need them. We offer 30% off every order when you subscribe!

    Always A Great Deal!

    Because our CBD products are already priced so affordably, we rarely offer discounts or sales above 30%, so subscribing does not make you miss out on future promotions. Subscribing gives you our best discount on an ongoing basis!

    To subscribe to multiple products, simply follow this process for adding each product to your cart before you checkout.

    Change or cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account and clicking on the “Change My Subscription” button. Our subscriptions do work with our Rewards program, if you have any troubles, contact us at

    Interested? Start Shopping!

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