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Our new legal THC Gummies are created with full-spectrum CBD and hemp-derived THC from US organically-grown hemp. They can be used recreationally to get into a mellow state of mind or to unwind and achieve a deeper sleep. Medicinal cannabis has several benefits and we’re shipping them to your door legally without a medical card. Made completely in-house to ensure the highest quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CBD Cream

What Does CBD Cream Do to Your Body?

CBD Cream is a lotion-like topical that contains CBD and other compounds designed to target physical discomfort of your joints, muscles, and nerves. CBD creams are formulated to be absorbed by your skin and transport the CBD deep into your tissues to supply relief directly to the desired area. In addition to CBD, RedeemRx CBD Cream contains menthol, capsicum oil, and several beneficial essential oils to speed relief.

What are the Advantages of a Topical Cream over Other Dosage Forms like Gummies, Oils, and Capsules?

Topical creams provide targeted relief at the site of discomfort without ingesting CBD or other compounds. Many people that may be leery of swallowing a substance that is then transported throughout their body (systemic delivery) feel at ease with a topical dosage.

What is CBD Cream Used For?

Our customers use CBD cream for relief from muscle, joint, and nerve discomfort resulting from injury, strenuous activities, or nerve damage.

Does CBD Cream Smell Bad?

RedeemRX CBD Cream has a predominant menthol. Less notes of essential oils can also be detected. We have very few complaints about our CBD cream odor.

IS CBD Cream Greasy?

No. Our CBD Cream is formulated to be absorbed by your skin and transfer ingredients to your joints, muscles, and nerves. There is no oily residue.

Will CBD Cream Help with Eczema?

The FDA prevents us from making any specific claims, but anecdotal comments from customers claim that it can help.

Will CBD Cream Help with Back Pain, Neuropathy, or Inflammation?

Many of our customers swear by our CBD Cream! The combination of menthol, capsicum, essential oils, and highly potent THC-free CBD does the trick for them.

Why does RedeemRX CBD Cream contain Menthol?

Menthol is known as a counter-irritant. Basically, menthol provides a sensation that provides immediate relief when applied directly to the location of discomfort.

Is CBD Cream Safe During Pregnancy?

There are no studies available to determine if CBD Cream is safe during pregnancy. Most experts suggest that you err on the side of caution and forgo the use of CBD while you are pregnant. And we agree.

IS CBD Cream Legal in All States?

RedeemRX CBD Cream contains only hemp-derived CBD and is THC-free. Our formulation is compliant with Federal Law under the 2018 Farm Bill. Unfortunately, some states have placed their own restrictions or prohibition on CBD products. The legal landscape on a state-by-state basis is constantly changing. If you have concerns of the legality of CBD in your state, we recommend our blog for more details.

Can CBD Cream be Harmful?

There are no reports of adverse effects of CBD cream. Especially CBD cream that is THC-free like ours. However, if you are allergic to any of the other ingredients or sensitive to capsicum (hot pepper oil) we advise you not to use our CBD cream.

CBD Cream VS Hemp Cream

There is a world of difference! CBD cream actually contains CBD oil. Hemp creams contain hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. CBD and other cannabinoids are produced by glands in the hemp flower called trichomes. While hemp seeds also reside in the hemp flower, they contain virtually no CBD or other cannabinoids. There are many disreputable companies passing hemp cream off as CBD cream.