Manufacturing High-Quality CBD Products in Columbia, SC

Clean, Precise & Controlled CBD Processing in South Carolina


We, the Redeem Team, are a group of experienced scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and friends teaming up to put forth safe, effective, and consistent CBD products. Together, we are a top manufacturer of pharmacy-grade, hemp-derived CBD products, completely crafted in the Carolinas. Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural alternatives, refined by science, to improve your (and our) health and wellness.

We straddle two worlds--natural alternatives and big pharma. Our unique perspective is formed by the scientific discipline of more than 60 years in the pharmaceutical industry and our intuitive understanding, passion, and experiences with natural remedies. We have set out to bridge the gap between nature and science, and we do it with truth and transparency.

Redeem Therapeutics came into the CBD industry at a time when it needed truthfulness and transparency the most. With a background in pharmaceuticals, Mat and the team were able to identify ways that the CBD industry has failed at producing pharmaceutical-grade products.

Using FDA regulated processes intended for the manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Redeem Therapeutics puts the science back into all-natural products. Our team promises all-natural, hemp-based CBD products that are consistent and balanced every time.

Grown by nature, perfected by science, we are Redeem Therapeutics

Who We Are

Mat Fairfax

President, CEO

Mark Crawford

VP of Sales & Marketing

John Barthe

VP of Production & Operation



Dennis Coker

Quality System Manager

D. Martin

Creative Manager

Marjorie Gates

Digital Marketing Specialist

Patti Dalton

Customer Service Rep.

Jessica McLaughlin

Quality Control Coordinator



The Redeem™ Promise

An Honest Mission

Redeem™ got started out of a personal desire to help a close friend looking for natural relief during a battle with a life-threatening illness. What started as skepticism for founder, Mat Fairfax, soon turned into a mission to provide high-quality CBD products, backed by science, at an affordable price. Click here to read our story.

A Superior Team

We, the Redeem Team, have over 60 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and apply that experience to developing tightly controlled processes and proprietary, science-backed formulas for effective and consistent CBD products. We are truthful & transparent in who we are. Click here to get to know our team.

Science-Backed, Optimal Formulation

Redeem™ bridges the gap between natural alternatives and pharmaceutical precision. When variance in nature causes concentrations in the hemp to fall short, we redeem the solution to deliver safe & consistent hemp products every time. And we can back it up with public third-party test results. Learn more about our Optimal-Spectrum Formula.

Made in the USA

Redeem CBD products are made in the USA with honest, natural ingredients. Our hemp is grown on a USDA certified organic farm in the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains. It's then brought into our extraction lab where it gets extracted and manufactured cleanly and precisely, using only the finest natural ingredients.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice

While CBD manufacturing is not yet regulated by the FDA, Redeem™ chooses to adhere to cGMP regulations, utilizing audits, process validation, and cleanliness controls to produce an impeccable product. Following cGMP assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of our CBD products.

Third-Party Tested & Certified

An independent lab analyzes our products for chemical makeup, potency, and the presence of unsafe contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. Results can be found quickly & easily on our website. Click here to see our third-party lab test results.