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Sleep CBD gummies

I absolutely LOVE these sleep gummies. I have PTSD and insomnia and often times need to take anti anxiety medication in order to sleep. The first night trying these I didn’t need the anxiety medication and I was able to fall asleep! I highly recommend this product and will be buying more as soon as I can.

We love it!!!

This is exactly what my husband needed. It helps him sleep so much better.

My Favorite Sleep Gummies

I've bought several different brand gummies and thought I had found my favorite ... until I started using Redeem gummies. Best sleep gummies around. Thanks for making such a great product and helping me sleep.

It works but you need to give it time

Do not expect that this supplement will help you sleep in 15 minutes - it doesn't work like that. Take it an hour before bed and let it slowly put you to sleep. It works and you will wake up refreshed from a restful sleep.

Instant relief

This spray has allowed me to metabolize this good medicine within seconds after contact. I take three sprays under my tongue, and hold it for 2 minutes before swallowing. I live with chronic pain, which leads to insomnia. I'm able to take this spray first thing in the morning to take the edge off my pain and wake me up. I take 3 sprays at night to help me sleep. Other meds can't do both. Zero side effects, tasty and efficient. I tell everyone who listens to me what a blessing Redeem Therapeutics has been in helping me improve my own quality of life. Give the spray a try!


I had never tried Redeems night gummies before getting the sample pack.
I took 2 & was asleep within 30 minutes.& woke well rested.

Strong CBD Cream

I used the sample pack of cream on my lower back & it instantly helped with the pain.
I recommend this to everyone.


I have tried many cbd drops & these by far are the best I've ever tried.
It's so good I order a bottle every month.
It reduces my pain level & help with anxiety.

No after effects

These products are high quality with no after effects and they are consistent from batch to batch

Something that really works on arthritic pain in hands and shoulders!!!!

My husband and I both take these sleep CBD gummies nightly

My husband isn't big on taking anything, but he works swing shift and has always had trouble adjusting to his changing shifts. I just have always had trouble getting to sleep and sleeping through the night, Since we both started taking these, we both sleep great. I highly recommend!

CBD Pain Cream

I was skeptical about CBD but not now. Now I am a true believer. I am going to purchase CBD for my anxiety. I tried a sample of the oil under the tongue and am as impressed as I am with the Pain Cream. It really works.

Great product!

I love these gummies! They’re very tasty and I like that they’re not super chewy! I’m always taking immunity boosts because they help me a lot. Recommended!!

Sciatica pain resolved!

I have Sciatica due to some compression of my lumbar spine. When the pain is bad I rub some cbd cream at the base of my spine and the pain goes away for up to an hour or more.

Sleep CBD Gummies

These are amazing. I've received and/or purchased sleep gummies from other companies but they don't compare to Redeem. Helps me get a great night's sleep!

Excellent nights sleep

I have tried so many different ways to help myself fall asleep and stay asleep. I am so grateful for these gummies. I fall asleep, and stay asleep, and feel well rested the next morning. What a blessing!


Loved everything about these.


These Gummies worked & did not leave me feeling drowsy the next morning.

Amazing for painsomnia!

Hey warriors! Today I want to tell you about a product I have been LOVING, @redeemrx Sleep CBD Gummies! But they are so much more than CBD! These gummies are newer to Redeem, however you can tell they took time to truly craft the product to aid in sleep and so much more.
One dose is 2 gummies and pack a powerful punch. But why do they help promote sleep? For a variety of reasons. For starters @redeemrx has combined CBD and CBN, that together work in synergy to promote a restful nights sleep. Each dose also has 10mg of Melatonin, a natural hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm helping us fall asleep faster, and stay asleep. I need this for my painsomnia and I love the addition in my plant medicine!
There are also botanicals that all reduce anxiety and promote sleep. Passion flower can also help to bring additional pain relief. The chamomile they use brings gastrointestinal support along with lemon balm. Lemon balm is a power house bringing all of the benefits above and then some including its ability to boost cognitive function. And I love how well I can sleep and clear headed I feel the morning after taking these.
Serotonin (5-HTP) also promotes sleep and is brought to us in the form of Griffonia Seed in these gummies. It also aids with reducing headache tension, anxiety, and also aids in the prevention of overeating. Goodbye munchies.
Redeem's tinctures are made with stevia, which I know many of you can't have. So I was so excited to see in these they left out the stevia and used organic beet sugar! There is also no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. The natural honey lemon flavor is delicious and makes it hard to stop at two. If you can have stevia they also have a honey lemon sleep oil that I don't go a night with out! Both products have zero THC and I HIGHLY recommend them! They help me fall asleep and stay asleep. You can also apply for a lifetime discount through the link in my bio. @redeemrx offers a lifetime discount for those with disabilities, low income, first responders, and veterans. Love you all and I hope this helps you save and get some sleep! I'm curious, do you currently use anything for sleep support?

Highly recommend!

Today we are talking about another new product I am loving from @redeemrx ! Their new Immunity CBD Gummies! And just like their sleep gummies, they are so much more than CBD.
Each serving is two gummies, having 25mg of CBD helping to activate our endocannabinoid system to help maintain autoimmune and inflammatory responses. They also have an array of ingredients to boost our immune system and more!
With 75mg of Elderberry they are filled with phytonutrients that boost our immune system, reduce stress, offer cardiac support, and also works to reduce inflammation. Echinacea and zinc are added in for immune support and both are shown to shorten the length and severity of colds.
We all know we need our vitamins and these gummies are a great way to get in a few we need for our immune health. With 200% of our daily value of Vitamin C they are beneficial for many body functions including bones, teeth, cardiac support, and much more. I am personally vitamin D deficient so seeing these had 100% of what I need daily, I was elated! Not only is vitamin D important for our immune system, but also a crucial vitamin for our bone health. I love that I can take these gummies and get my vitamins and my cannibinoids all in one delicious bite!
The gummies them selves are delicious and are made with organic beet sugar. They taste like sweet elderberry and I definitely want more than two, but thankfully two does exactly what I need so I don't have to reach for more. There is zero THC, no artificial sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup in these. Over all I have been loving them and definitely recommend getting a bag for yourself! Also you can apply for a lifetime discount code for those with disabilities, low incomes, first responders, and veterans. Link to apply is in my bio. Love you all and I hope this helps you save and brings you relief too! ❤🧡💛

Do their job!

I liked them. I shared them with my boyfriend when he was having trouble sleeping. Hopefully it wasnt just placebo affect, but to both of us....they seemed to work. Plus the taste isn't so bad either. Perfect for somebody who doesnt like to take things in pill form.

They work AMAZING!!!

I’ve always been a person that struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep. Because if this, Im up multiple times a night and end up feeling super restless throughout the day. I received these gummies to try and WOW. They not only taste great, they work great!! I’ve finally been able to sleep through an entire night. These will definitely be a staple in my household from now on!!

Redeem 1500mg CBD cream review

Redeem 1500mg CBD cream is very effective in treating pain in the neck and back area. I use it at least once a day and sometimes twice a day for pain relief in my neck and back. I found it to be more effective than any other pain cream that I have tried.

Enjoy your visit to Slumberland

These gummies are effective. When taken 30-60min before going to bed, I was able to fall, and stay, asleep and feet more rested in the morning.
Additional benefits of the product include helping with pain and the inclusion of additional ingredients including Griffonia seed and Chamomile help make this a go-to product.
Try some and enjoy.

A Yummy Gummy

These are some of the better tasting CBD gummies I've had. The first taste isn't bitter and the lingering taste doesn't make you scramble for your toothbrush.
The additional ingredient help make this more than just a CBD product and more of a part of a healthy lifestyle.
I recommend them and would use again.