By Redeem | Dec 13, 2019

Bioavailability and Other Benefits of CBD Spray Bottles

Bioavailability and Other Benefits of CBD Spray Bottles

By Redeem | Dec 13, 2019

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    Why choose CBD spray bottles over the abundance of other choices on the market?

    CBD oils and tinctures lead the way as some of the most popular methods of intake, but why? It’s no coincidence that CBD oils are so prevalent, as they provide a variety of benefits, apart from their ease of use, discreet nature, and enjoyable taste. 

    The thoroughness in which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream is one of the most important factors in the performance of CBD products. The term bioavailability is quickly becoming a household buzzword with regards to CBD quality, as it refers to both the degree and rate that your body absorbs a substance. At Redeem Therapeutics, our innovative CBD spray bottles provide maximum bioavailability coupled with several other benefits. Below we break down the distinct performance advantages of CBD oil sprays.

    Sublingual Application of CBD Boosts Bioavailability

    Many ways to take CBD involve digestion, such as edibles, capsules, or powders. However, consuming CBD through your stomach and digestive tract has the disadvantage of multiple attacks from acids and enzymes in an attempt to dissolve it as if it were any other normal nutrient. These attacks break down much of the CBD’s concentration and significantly reduces bioavailability. 

    To mitigate the waste and increase the effects of CBD, we chose another more effective route: under the tongue. Beneath your tongue lies your sublingual gland, a salivary gland “expressway” with an abundance of blood vessels that provide direct access to the bloodstream. We recommend spraying the CBD oil here and holding it for around 30 seconds before swallowing to give your glands adequate time for absorption. This method boosts bioavailability by avoiding the digestive tract all together to reach your endocannabinoid system more efficiently.

    Atomized CBD Spray Improves Absorption and Consistency

    Traditional CBD tinctures are packaged in dropper bottles and administered to the sublingual gland with a pipette. This method provides the benefit of circumnavigating the digestive system but has its share of disadvantages as well. The pipette hardly provides exact doses, which makes it difficult to figure out the ideal amount for your daily CBD oil dosage. Additionally, dripping oil everywhere is neither fun nor efficient, and it always seems to make a mess. The point is, we saw room for improvement. 

    Here at Redeem Therapeutics, we understand that your experience with CBD is everything—we’re here to help you take back your health, after all. We designed a spray nozzle to atomize our high-quality CBD oil for a more easily absorbed product. By dispersing the CBD into smaller particles in a spray form, your salivary glands can ingest the oil faster and more thoroughly. Our atomized spray also provides the benefit of precise, metered CBD dosage, for simple distribution of your particular preferred amounts of CBD, which makes it more efficient and easier to use.

    MCT Oil For Better CBD Absorption

    When taking CBD oil with the sublingual method, you can’t hold it in your mouth forever. You inevitably end up swallowing whatever is not absorbed directly into the bloodstream. To compensate for this and salvage the remaining CBD to the best of our ability, we’ve made another calculated improvement—we suspend our CBD in MCT oil. 

    To best reap the benefits of CBD, we chose MCT oil as the perfect counterpart. MCT oil is high in saturated fat, and when it comes to absorbing saturated fat, your body is a pro. When suspended in MCT oil and digested, the CBD can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream before reaching the liver and avoid the metabolic breakdown. MCT oil also atomizes significantly better than other potential carrier oils, which offers higher bioavailability.

    Spraying CBD Saves You Money

    We’ve gone to great lengths to improve the bioavailability of Redeem CBD oil, but what does that mean for your wallet? Good news all around. With increased bioavailability, you’re more likely to enjoy the full effects of CBD with higher concentration in each dose. Not only does spraying CBD make finding the right dosage easier, but our atomized CBD spray saves you money, plain and simple. With more effective products and enhanced absorption, you don’t have to buy as many refills. We’re in the business to help you get the most from this investment in your health as efficiently as possible.

    Recap: Why You Should Care About Bioavailability

    To summarize, we care about our products’ bioavailability, and you should too. Here is why: 

    Increasing the bioavailability of CBD improves your experience. Your body is far more likely to enjoy the effects of the CBD you’re consuming with higher absorption rates. 

    Better bioavailability of CBD is better for you. By allowing the CBD to serve its precise purpose and quickly dissolve into your bloodstream, your body does less unnecessary work and gets to experience the positive effects faster and more directly. 

    Better bioavailability of CBD saves you money. The more CBD that’s activated and absorbed in your body, the less you have to take.

    Redeem Therapeutics is dedicated to helping you take back your health, and we believe that CBD is an exceptional tool in that pursuit. Our goal is to provide a safe, quality product that contains the CBD that your body craves to revitalize your system. Check out our optimal-spectrum, high-quality products to see what Redeem Therapeutics CBD can do for your natural balance.

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