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When companies claim to be “Full Spectrum,” they assert that whole-plant extract is better than just CBD isolate. This is true. Optimal Spectrum™  just takes whole-plant extracts to the next level. We test for concentrations and add cannabinoids and terpenes back to the solution as needed.


We’re not a pharmaceutical, but we still wear the white lab coats. Redeem adheres to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our processes are precise. Facilities are tightly controlled. All in the name of quality and purity. You will never have to wonder about the quality of what's in your bottle.


If you don’t take your CBD, it can’t help you. Our Dosage Tracker is a simple tool designed to help you carry out a regimen. Taking the correct amount is important, too. Our unique metered spray delivers an exact dose, every time. No more counting drops. Be certain of your dose every time.