By Redeem | Nov 14, 2019

CBD Oil in 2019: A Sea of Choices

CBD Oil in 2019: A Sea of Choices

By Redeem | Nov 14, 2019

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    CBD Oil in 2019: A Sea of Choices

    A Guide to Finding the Best CBD Oil

    According to a report by the Brightfield Group, there are currently over 1,000 CBD brands being sold in America— and the numbers keep climbing. Many highly-recognizable retailers are in the midst of negotiations for launching new CBD product lines, with CVS and Walgreens having already paved the way. Even Martha Stewart is getting into the mix. Technavio’s market analysis predicts a global CBD oil market increase of over 31% compounded per year, making CBD oil a nearly $2.7 billion industry by 2022. This information can be simplified into one point: You have a surplus of options for where to get your CBD.

    Trusting Your CBD Oil Brand

    One of our aims at Redeem Therapeutics is to ease this burden of choice and streamline the process of finding a credible CBD oil. We have taken on the role of CBD expert, that way you don’t have to. It is not necessary for you to calculate the optimal balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. You don’t need to know how to safely extract resin from a cannabis flower in order to use our CBD oil. That’s our job. And the more you are able to trust us to do this job, the more effortless your decision making process can be. Thus, we have written this article to highlight the values that qualify Redeem as the industry standard, the model for quality CBD, so that you can trust what’s inside your bottle.

    Redeem Commitment: Make The Highest Quality CBD Oil

    As CBD misconceptions abound, we find it crucial to specify how a CBD company like ours actually operates. Redeem Therapeutics is not some “fly-by-night” scheme; every step of the way, from seed to shelf, is grounded in empirical science. Our formulations are built upon years of cannabis research. Our facilities are built to pharmaceutical standards. This type of mindset is embraced for a singular purpose: to create a quality and reliable product.

    This emphasis on quality begins with the hemp that we use. The cannabis plants that we select to make our oils are organically grown in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. And this hemp is grown using a fairly straightforward formula: dirt, sunshine, a few organic nutrients, and water. No herbicides, no pesticides, no heavy metals. This is crucial as hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it tends to retain the toxins found in the soil. You cannot arrive at a quality final product without starting with a quality plant grown in a quality plot of earth.

    Another factor playing into the quality of our CBD oils are the processes that our hemp undergoes to arrive at a final product. These processes include the resin extraction, testing the extract, and formulating a final solution for optimal results. Each of these steps is conducted in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and is well documented as a means of attaining a high level of quality control.

    One process unique to Redeem is the compound balancing that occurs following initial testing; when a cannabinoid or terpene is found below its standard level, our production team remedies the deficit by adding a precise quantity of said compound to the solution. Doing this ensures that our cannabinoid and terpene thresholds are met, thus providing our customers with the most consistent and reliable CBD oil possible. For simplicity’s sake, we call this balanced final product an “Optimal Spectrum” solution, as it describes the harmony at work between the compounds of the oil.

    Perhaps the most convincing aspect of Redeem’s commitment to quality, however, is the amount of time our team has spent fine-tuning our recipe. The first steps of formulation occurred well over a year ago, with thorough reviews of the scientific literature and studies related to creating a CBD oil. Since then, an absurd amount of developmental hours having been invested by our chemists in making our own unique blends. Each step of production has been thoroughly scrutinized and tested. Having spent the time refining methods and processes, our CBD is ready for the market. But our philosophy is to stay fluid. As cannabis research and technological innovation change the therapeutic applications for cannabis, Redeem will be right there too, leading the charge.

    Redeem Commitment: Help People Take Back Their Health

    The potential health benefits of CBD have always been the focus of our company. Redeem began as a group of scientifically-minded coworkers looking to develop an alternative medicine for a friend with pancreatic cancer— George Harrison. As their hemp extract seemed to produce favorable results with George’s condition, the dream to produce CBD oil en masse was born. The mission of Redeem is to be an agent of change— to empower people to go out and live their best lives, as the best version of themselves.

    As we are not licensed physicians, prescribing cannabidiol is beyond our scope of practice. So when it comes to helping customers improve their health, we have to get creative. One way we do this is by helping you use your CBD oil effectively and properly; Redeem created a dosing guide (simply referred to as the Dosage Tracker) as an instructional resource to help people learn to leverage their CBD for the best results. This tool provides helpful dosing tips, insight into how much CBD to take, and resources for personalizing your dose to meet your specific needs. As more and more people begin to use CBD to treat symptoms, it is imperative that they do so with guidance and direction.

    Finding ways to maximize the potential health benefits of our CBD was especially emphasized in the product development phase at Redeem. A design aspect that we considered vital was “bioavailability”, which refers to both the degree and the rate at which a substance is absorbed by the body. Depending on the method used to take your CBD, much of it is metabolized before it reaches its ultimate destination— your bloodstream.

    So we came up with a solution unique to CBD oil companies: use a sprayer instead of a dropper to consume the oil. Not only is this a more convenient method of taking your CBD, but the atomized mist of the sprayer allows the smaller particles to be more readily absorbed by the capillaries under your tongue. This results in a greater percentage of CBD actually going on to reach its destination and assist in restoring your body to health.

    Redeem Commitment: Create a Delightful CBD Oil Experience

    Though Redeem is a company designed to meet the needs of thousands of customers, we hope to be defined by our focus on the individual. In our experience, most people looking for CBD oil are not doing so on a whim. Each customer has real problems that require real solutions. With that in mind, we strive to create a CBD experience that is informative, relational, and results in an improved condition.

    Part of this experience is related to expectations. One of the best services that we can offer a customer is expectation management. It is important to discuss what CBD can actually do for you— what type of changes you might expect. As a means to start this dialogue, our team has written an article entitled “5 Reasons Why CBD Doesn’t Work.” The information therein will not only help to align your expectations with reality, but it will also inform the reader on how to best use their CBD to maximize their results.

    As a brand new company, Redeem doesn’t have an immense amount of customer reviews to prove our commitment to customer care. But feedback is crucial to our success; it’s how we learn your wants and needs. For this reason, we’ve invested in a Trustpilot account in order to have an ongoing, transparent conversation with people like you about your CBD oil. Because, ultimately, the CBD that we make is not for us, but for you. So please— fill us in on your experience by leaving a review.

    To bring the discussion full circle, we’ve taken the liberty of bragging on Redeem to emphasize reasons that you can trust the brand. We want to be the simple solution so that choosing a CBD oil doesn’t have to be a burden. No flashing lights. No smoke and mirrors. Just a reliable company that you can trust to do things the right way. We don’t want to be just another drop in a sea of CBD oil choices— we’d rather be your lifeline.

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