By Redeem | Sep 30, 2022

Can You Put CBD Drops in Coffee?

Can You Put CBD Drops in Coffee?

By Redeem | Sep 30, 2022

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    Adding CBD drops in coffee has been shown to have the potential to unlock health and wellness benefits for those who use it daily. Adding CBD in your morning and/or nighttime routine is a great way to be sure that you are consistent with your daily dose of CBD.

    If your morning routine includes a cup of joe, there are several reasons to add your daily CBD drops in coffee.

    Quick Answer: It’s absolutely fine to add your CBD oil tincture to a cup of coffee with a dropper and consume it that way. Many people don’t like the taste or consistency of CBD oils under their tongue, and letting it sit can be an unbearable way to consume CBD. For this reason, adding tincture to your coffee could be a great option.

    Although, you should consider that it may slow down the rate and degree at which the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream (also referred to as Bioavailability). If you are choosing to take your CBD this way, you may want to try increasing your daily dosage.

    When CBD drops in coffee is swallowed, it goes immediately to the stomach, where it is subjected to the digestive process, slowly absorbed by the small intestine, and taken directly to the liver where it is broken down.

    For improved bioavailability, we recommend that you use our high-quality CBD tincture spray and let it absorb under your tongue.

    The Benefits of Adding CBD Drops in Coffee or Tea

    cbd drops in coffee

    CBD tinctures are popular among those who need daily relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. Adding a CBD oil tincture into your daily routine can have several benefits, according to recent studies.

    1. CBD oil has been shown to induce a calm and sometimes fatigue-feeling among those who use it for the many benefits it provides. This can be a big reason that someone may not enjoy taking their daily CBD, especially in the morning. However, when added to coffee, caffeine can help combat this negative effect.
    2. While coffee can often induce negative effects of its own, such as anxiety and jitters, according to several studies, taking CBD drops in coffee can help reduce these negative side effects.
    3. When you mix CBD with coffee, it has been shown to enhance the mental alertness induced by caffeine in coffee. This gears up your memory, speed, metabolic rate, reaction time, and attention span.
    4. Combining coffee and CBD may have improved benefits for brain health. The caffeine in coffee is rich in antioxidants, which is very healthy for the brain. When you combine CBD drops in coffee as well, you get improved brain benefits. According to a study, CBD can increase cell regeneration, playing a critical role in preserving brain cells and improving brain health. With CBD, you can improve learning and memory as it helps decrease the effect of cell death in the hippocampus. The hippocampus that might have deteriorated over time may have a chance to come alive again when you combine CBD drops in coffee.
    5. To truly maximize your CBD benefits, it is often recommended to use a variety of CBD products in combination to promote synergy within your body through the entourage effect. Each CBD product brings its own unique benefits through its combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, and our bodies use these compounds in different ways. So, adding your CBD oil tinctures to your coffee could be one of many ways that you incorporate CBD into your daily routine to help gain the many health benefits of CBD.

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    Why Redeem™?

    Grown by Nature, Perfect by Science. We Are Redeem Therapeutics.

    Whether you are adding CBD drops in coffee or taking the oil under your tongue, Redeem™ bridges the gap between natural alternatives and pharmaceutical precision. Our unique perspective is formed by the scientific discipline of more than 60 years in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD Products. All Redeem™ CBD products are made from 100% organic hemp & Crafted in the Carolinas. The Redeem™ team adheres to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and 3rd party testing so that you’ll never have to wonder about the quality of what’s in your bottle.

    The number and concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes in full-spectrum products offered by most CBD companies is not standardized. The mix of cannabinoids and terpenes differs in each cannabis plant with each growing season, from farm to farm, in different locations within a field, and with inconsistencies in the processing methods. Due to this variability, CBD consumers may buy the same product over and over again and experience varying beneficial effects with every new purchase. 

    When the natural variation falls short, we redeem the solution of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids for a consistent product every time. That’s the Redeem Promise.

    Want to try the Redeem™ difference? Shop our Optimal Spectrum CBD Products online today.

    We used cGMP-compliant processes and test each lot of product for key cannabinoids and terpenes. Then, we add back any compound that is below our minimum specification. If our product works for you today, it will work the same with each subsequent purchase. 

    With this newfound knowledge on the science behind CBD and how it interacts with your body, you can find your new favorite CBD product with Redeem Therapeutics!

    At Redeem, we are only satisfied with the best. Whether you’re enjoying our easy-to-use CBD tincture sprays, our new CBD topical pain cream, or our paws-itively amazing CBD oil for dogs and cats, you can be confident you are using high-quality, organically grown CBD.

    Take back your health today with Redeem Therapeutics.

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