By Angela Queen | Feb 22, 2024

CBD or Delta 9 for Sleep? Which One is Right for You?

CBD or Delta 9 for Sleep? Which One is Right for You?

By Angela Queen | Feb 22, 2024

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    A Comparison of CBD and Delta 9 for Sleep

    Delta 9 and CBD are both compounds found in hemp plants, but they have different effects on the body and mind. Delta 9, also known as Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the psychoactive component of the hemp plant that produces the feeling of being “high”. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive compound that is known for its potential therapeutic benefits.

    When it comes to sleep, Delta 9 and CBD may have different effects. Delta 9 has been found to have sedative properties and may promote falling asleep faster. However, some consumers report grogginess in the morning, while others report deeper sleep. CBD, on the other hand, has been reported to have a more subtle effect on sleep. It may help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, which can contribute to better sleep quality.

    It’s important to note that the effects of Delta 9 and CBD on sleep may vary from person to person. Some individuals may find Delta 9 more effective in improving sleep, while others may prefer CBD. It may be a matter of personal preference and experimenting to find the right option for better sleep.

    Comparison Table: CBD Vs. Delta 9 for Sleep

    AspectDelta 9 (THC)CBD
    Psychoactive EffectsYes (Produces euphoria)No (Non-psychoactive)
    Sleep Onset May help with falling asleep fasterMay aid in relaxation
    Sleep Quality May interfere with sleep qualityMay contribute to better sleep quality
    REM Sleep Decreases REM sleepMay not significantly impact REM sleep
    Personal Preference Variable; Some may find it effectiveVariable; Some may prefer it for its subtle effects

    What is Delta-9? 

    In simple terms, Delta-9 is the famous THC compound from cannabis that brings on a sense of euphoria. Its scientific name is long and complex (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), and some say THC which is a reference to this compound specifically. 

    This special molecule is one of the few cannabinoids produced naturally by cannabis (hemp) plants along with CBD, which is the first cannabinoid to gain popularity. 

    Functions of Sleep

    Delta 9 for sleep

    During sleep is when the body and brain perform crucial repair functions, consolidate memories, process emotions, and re-energize us for the following day. Inadequate or poor sleep increases long term risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and more. Even occasional bad nights of sleep interfere with concentration, decision making, productivity and mood stability the following day. 

    This is why healthy sleep habits like sticking to consistent bedtimes and limiting screens before bed really matter. Some substances like alcohol and caffeine also disrupt sleep cycles, while other compounds may potentially enhance sleep quality when used properly. 

    Delta-9 Effects on Sleep Patterns

    Sleep Aspect Delta 9 (THC) EffectCBD Effect
    REM Sleep Decreases REM sleepMay not significantly impact REM sleep
    Sleep ArchitectureMay disrupt sleep architectureStore securely away from children; adhere to local laws and regulations

    Delta 9 offers a distinct approach to improving sleep, separate from CBD. While it may lead to a reduction in REM sleep, associated with dreaming, this could translate to quieter nights and potentially enhanced overall sleep quality. According to John Hopkin’s Medicine, The more times you cycle in and out of REM sleep the less time you are in a deep sleep. Unlike CBD, which doesn’t significantly affect REM sleep, Delta 9 provides an alternative perspective.

    Additionally, Delta 9’s impact on sleep architecture, though potentially disruptive, can be managed effectively through careful dosing. CBD, on the other hand, excels in promoting a balanced sleep structure and smoother transitions between sleep stages. For more insights into sleep architecture, visit our blog titled “CBD Gummies for Pain Relief and Sleep.”

    Understanding these nuances in sleep patterns is crucial when deciding between CBD and Delta 9 for sleep. Start with conservative doses and gradually adjust to find the optimal balance that suits your individual needs.

    Research on Delta 9 for Sleep

    Multiple studies have now shown that using delta-9 before hitting the sheets can make it easier for both regular consumers and insomniacs alike to fall asleep faster. The research indicates the chill vibes from delta-9 can cut down the time spent tossing and turning when you first hop into bed – helping you doze off quicker.

    Some promising research has also found that measured doses of delta-9 right before bed may bump up time spent in deeper, more restorative sleep stages. Reports show an increase in time spent in slow wave sleep and REM sleep, which plays roles in body recovery and memory formation. Though, larger doses, an excess of 10 mg., close to bedtime can actually worsen sleep in other studies.

    So while scientists definitely need to keep digging deeper on delta 9’s effect on our sleep patterns, the initial research is pointing toward hemp compounds like delta-9 improving both sleep quality and how fast we fall asleep when used moderately. As with most things cannabinoid-related, finding each individual’s sweet spot dose seems to be the key to unlocking benefits versus unpleasantness.

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    Appropriate Use of Delta 9 for Sleep

    While Delta-9 THC shows promising sleep-promoting potential, proper dosing and timing of consumption is crucial for optimizing benefits versus unwanted side effects. Guidelines for appropriate delta-9 use for sleep improvement include:

    Responsible, intentional Delta-9 THC use for sleep allows consumers to unlock promising advantages for insomnia and sleep quality while also mitigating risks of overconsumption. Moderation, self-experimentation and regulated access enables people to best harness the benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC and its multitude of active compounds.

    Guidelines for Appropriate Delta 9 Use for Sleep

    Guideline Description
    Start Low Start low (2-5mg THC) and go slow. Best to not exceed 10mg.
    Time it RightConsume 1-2 hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disruption
    Find Your Minimal Effective DoseIncrease dosage slowly to find the lowest effective dose
    Practice Proper Storage & SafetyStore securely away from children; adhere to local laws and regulations. Redeem products are packaged with childproof lids.

    The Drawbacks of Delta 9 for Sleep 

    Using higher doses taken too close to bedtime can sometimes cause more stimulating effects making it harder to sleep. An abrupt discontinuation of regular delta-9 exposure may also disrupt usual sleep architecture. But used judiciously, the research thus far suggests appropriate delta-9 consumption may have some benefits for getting the healthy, restorative sleep we all require.

    Is CBD Better For Your Sleep Needs?

    While the drawbacks of using Delta 9 for sleep are minimal you may be feeling hesitant. CBD may be a better fit for you if you struggle with high anxiety levels, are prone to paranoia, or feel uneasy when a compound is affecting your mental awareness. Others may try Delta 9 for sleep and find themselves groggy in the morning, or miss the vivid dreams they once had. If this is the case we have other options for you. RedeemRx CBD Gummies for Sleep are THC-free and contain the cannabinoid CBN, as well as sleep-promoting botanicals. They will help you sleep, but you will not experience the “high” of delta 9 THC products.

    Additionally, it is important to note we guarantee all of our products, and if you are not fully satisfied can easily receive a full refund, contact us here.

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    The Synergy of the Cannabinoids CBN and THC

    The synergy between cannabinoids CBN (cannabinol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is grounded in their distinct mechanisms of action. While THC primarily interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system, leading to its psychoactive effects, CBN has a weaker affinity for these receptors. Instead, CBN is thought to primarily interact with CB2 receptors and may also influence other non-cannabinoid receptors.

    Despite its minimal psychoactive effects, CBN demonstrates potential sedative effects, possibly through interactions with other neurotransmitter systems. When combined with THC, CBN may enhance the sedative and relaxing properties of THC, leading to a more pronounced effect on sleep and relaxation. This synergistic interaction underscores the complexity of cannabinoid pharmacology and the potential for different cannabinoids to modulate each other’s effects within the body’s endocannabinoid system.

    Side Effects and Safety

    • Delta 9 THC from legal hemp is generally safe, but individual responses vary.
    • Common side effects include dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, and temporary memory differences.
    • Delta 9 THC may exacerbate anxiety or induce paranoia in some individuals, especially those with medical conditions or sensitivities.
    • Start with low doses and gradually increase to manage potential adverse effects.
    • Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of Delta 9 for sleep, as it can impair cognitive and motor functions.
    • Consult a healthcare professional before using Delta 9 for sleep, especially if you have underlying health concerns or are taking other medications.
    • Prioritize safety and awareness to maximize the benefits of Delta 9 for sleep while minimizing risks.

    An Introduction to Delta-9 Gummies

    What are Hemp Derived Delta-9 Gummies? 

    Innovative techniques now allow legal D9 THC to be sourced only from hemp plants rather than high-potency cannabis plants (marijuana). Most brands will say this is done through an extraction method of actual THC, but this isn’t factual. Delta 9 THC from hemp plants begins as the cannabinoid CBD and goes through a process called isomerization. This chemical transformation involves altering the molecular structure of CBD to produce THC.

    This concentrated hemp-derived delta-9 THC is then infused into candy gummies for convenient and discreet dosing capabilities. The gummies function similarly to edibles containing marijuana-extracted delta-9 THC.

    Hemp-Derived Gummies: Delta 9 for Sleep

    We’re excited to introduce our new and improved formula, free from melatonin and enriched with hemp-derived Delta 9 THC (7mg per gummy), RedeemRx THC Gummies for Sleep.

    Crafted with care, our Sleep Gummies combine the power of CBD, THC, and CBN to deliver unparalleled relaxation for both the mind and body, allowing you to unwind fully. These three cannabinoids synergize seamlessly to alleviate physical discomfort and quiet the chatter in your mind, promoting deep and restorative sleep.

    Rest assured, our CBD, CBN, and THC Sleep Gummies are crafted from all-natural ingredients, sourced from the highest purity organic hemp cultivated in the southeastern United States. And the best part? They’re completely legal, so you can enjoy the benefits with peace of mind. Experience the difference with our enhanced formula and discover a newfound sense of tranquility each night.

    CBD or Delta 9 for Sleep? Which One is Right for You?

    Choosing Delta-9 Gummies for Sleep

    • Label Transparency: Empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. Clear and accurate labeling provides vital information such as CBD concentration, ingredients, and third-party testing results, ensuring consumers know exactly what they’re purchasing and consuming.
    • Third-Party Lap Testing: Rigorous testing procedures, including third-party lab testing like ours, help verify the potency and purity of CBD products, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and are free from contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Delta-9 Gummies for Sleep 

    Are Delta-9 gummies safe? 

    The delta-9 from hemp plants is chemically identical to marijuana-derived THC. So at sufficient concentrations, hemp-sourced delta-9 gummies can induce equally potent psychotropic effects. Users still face risks like impairment, anxiety, and increased heart rate if over-consuming.

    However purchasing products with a micro-dose of delta-9 like we offer here at RedeemRx has been shown to be safe. Also appropriate dosing and precaution is still warranted, especially for first-time or sensitive users. Starting with very low doses is critical.

    How long do delta 9 gummies last? 

    The effects of delta-9 gummies can last 8 hours or longer due to the slower digestive absorption, longer than inhaled methods. First-time users should be very conservative with initial dosing, and wait sufficient time to determine tolerance before considering another serving.

    How long does delta 9 take to work?

    The amount of time it takes for delta-9 THC to kick in largely depends on the method of consumption:

    MethodOnset TimeDuration
    Vaping/SmokingSeconds to Minutes2-4 hours
    Edibles (including gummies)30-90 Minutes4-8 hours
    Tinctures/Sublingual Drops15-30 Minutes2-4 hours

    • Vaping/smoking Delta-9: When delta-9 is inhaled through vape devices or smoking, the effects start setting in within seconds to a few minutes. Peak levels are reached 10-30 minutes after initial consumption. This is the fastest delivery method.
    • Edibles with Delta-9 (including gummies): Orally ingesting delta-9 means the compound has to be absorbed through the digestive system, so onset is delayed compared to inhalation. Effects typically begin within 30-90 minutes of consumption and peak around 2-4 hours post-ingestion. Food eaten beforehand can extend the onset period. Peak effects also tend to last longer (4-8 hours) with edibles.
    • Tinctures/sublingual Delta-9 drops: Drops held under the tongue for sublingual absorption fall somewhere in between vaping and edibles. Effects may start as soon as 15-30 minutes. However sublingual bioavailability can vary greatly by person. Onset duration is usually 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    In summary the method of taking Delta-9 THC has a major impact on how long it takes to feel its effects. Vaping and smoking have the fastest onsets, edibles the slowest, and sublingual somewhere in between. Starting low with dosage is advisable until individuals determine their response time and tolerance.


    In conclusion, understanding the effects of compounds like CBD Delta 9 for sleep can provide valuable insights for those seeking better rest. While Delta 9, with its sedative properties, shows promise in promoting sleep onset, CBD offers a subtler approach by aiding relaxation and anxiety reduction. However, individual responses may vary, highlighting the importance of personal experimentation and careful dosing. With proper understanding and responsible use, individuals can harness the potential benefits of these compounds for improved sleep quality and overall well-being. As research continues to uncover the complexities of cannabinoid effects on sleep, individuals can make informed cho

    ices to optimize their sleep habits and enhance their overall quality of life.

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