By Redeem | Jan 14, 2021

Introducing 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Pets of All Sizes

Introducing 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Pets of All Sizes

By Redeem | Jan 14, 2021

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    After 2 years in business, we’ve gotten to know what works best for our customers and their pets. You spoke, and we listened. That’s why we are introducing our newly re-packaged 500mg Bacon-Flavored CBD Oil for dogs & pets of all sizes. We will be discontinuing our 125mg and 250mg CBD oil for Dogs.

    Our new packaging is designed to help you adjust the dosage for each pet based on weight or amount of CBD required for relief – eliminating the need to purchase multiple different products for different dogs. We now have just one product for dogs; however, this can be used for other pets as well! In addition, we also offer a purrfect chicken flavor for cats.

    Benefits of our new CBD for Dogs packaging:

    • Get more for your money with 16.7mg/ml
    • Easily adjust the dosing based on your pets needs
    • New shatter-resistant, plastic dropper

    Our Recommended Dosing Information:

    • .25ml (4.2mg of CBD) for small dogs = less 25 lbs.
    • .5ml (8.4mg of CBD) for medium dogs = 25-50 lbs.
    • 1ml (16.7mg of CBD) for large dogs = 50-100lb

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