By Redeem | Dec 15, 2019

The Future of CBD in 2020

The Future of CBD in 2020

By Redeem | Dec 15, 2019

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    Over the past few years, CBD products have taken over the natural health market and show no signs of slowing down. At Redeem Therapeutics, our vision for the next year is 20/20. Read below to discover which CBD trends we’re predicting for year 2020.

    CBD Research Will Expand

    Despite its massive popularity across the country, research on the specific health benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, is still surprisingly limited. In 2020, users can expect to see more CBD-related research being released that will help to gain insight into the substance and form more credible expectations about how CBD will affect them. The National Institutes of Health, or NIH, which is one of the foremost medical research centers in the United States, has announced significant advancements in CBD research for 2020 regarding the role cannabinoids may play in pain management

    In light of the opioid crisis in America, researchers, doctors, and individuals are searching for safe, non-addictive pain relief options, which may be found in cannabinoids. As the varying benefits of CBD are sure to become the subject of increasingly valuable research, these scientific studies on the properties of CBD are only the beginning of expanded CBD testing in 2020.

    CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats Will Jump in Popularity

    Just like people, dogs and cats struggle with anxiety, pain, arthritis, and loss of appetite, which may be treated with CBD. CBD for pets is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the CBD market and will dominate lifestyle trends in 2020. 

    Although current research is relatively limited, studies indicate that dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems that are similar to humans, which suggests that dogs, cats, and humans may react to CBD in similar ways. We predict that in 2020, CBD oil for pets will become a staple in doghouses across the country.

    Jobs in the CBD Industry Will Grow

    Calling all hemp farmers, CBD manufacturers, distillers, and entrepreneurs alike! As CBD popularity booms across the country, the industry will rely on a growing workforce to maintain a pace of continued expansion into 2020. Additionally, research shows that cannabis workers earn about 11 percent more than the median salary in the U.S. As the CBD industry grows throughout 2020, opportunities for a variety of workers will grow along with it.

    CBD Quality and Consistency Will Reign Supreme

    A growing CBD market leads to greater competition between brands and an increasing number of CBD suppliers for consumers to choose from. With an influx of CBD brands to shop and a lack of consistent federal regulation, consumers will be expecting higher quality products from companies that maintain transparency and reliability. CBD users want to know that their products are made with top-quality organic ingredients in facilities that comply with the best manufacturing practices

    CBD companies that promote transparency and consistency in the development of their products, such as Redeem Therapeutics (cough, cough), will gain popularity in a highly competitive market. The best CBD brands develop products that take full-spectrum hemp to another level. By analyzing the amounts of cannabidiol, terpenes, and chemical compounds in each bottle of CBD oil and adjusting concentrations, CBD companies can create products with unparalleled consistency, so users experience the same CBD benefits every time.

    More People Will Explore CBD Benefits for Themselves

    As helpful as CBD research is, we expect many more people to explore the unique benefits of CBD for themselves. As of early 2019, 26% of Americans reported that they had tried CBD at least once in the past two years. We predict this number will increase noticeably throughout 2020 as CBD products become more regulated, researched, and reviewed across the country. We also expect the number of people who are completely unfamiliar with CBD products, currently 35% of adults, to decrease as CBD becomes more ingrained in mainstream culture. 

    Do you have any predictions for where CBD is headed in 2020? Reach out to us and let us know! 

    At Redeem Therapeutics, we are passionate about creating natural, effective CBD products to help our consumers reclaim their health. With over 60 years of experience in transparent manufacturing practices, tested and verified products, and high-quality, organic ingredients, CBD from Redeem Therapeutics is designed with our consumers in mind. To restore the natural balance of your health with the highest quality CBD oil, you can depend on Redeem Therapeutics.

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