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Now that you've found high-quality CBD at an affordable price, it's time to figure out the best dosage for your unique needs. Need help getting started? Now with the help of our custom Dosage Journal and Calendar, finding and tracking your CBD dosage is easier than ever. Download the PDF to your phone or print it for a physical copy. Use it with our High-Quality CBD Oil Spray Tinctures and take back your health today.

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How Much CBD Oil Do I Take?

If you aren’t sure how much CBD to take, consider using our Dosage Tracker. Start with the minimum dose in the left-hand column of the Milligram Grid (shown below and in our printable CBD Dosage Journal & Calendar. As you learn how your body responds, increase your dose incrementally.

When it comes to CBD, consistency counts. To get the most out of your CBD oil, it's important that you find a dosage that works for you and take it consistently.

*Consult your physician for a professional opinion, especially if taking other medications.

Count every dose so every dose counts. 

Bottle Lifespan

Each bottle of Redeem's pharmaceutical-quality CBD oil spray tincture contains 30 milliliters of our finest hemp extract. That’s about 183 sprays. Divide 183 by the number of sprays you use each day and “Voilà!” The lifespan of your oil. Don’t have a calculator handy? Just consult the Milligram Grid; we already crunched the numbers for you.

cbd know your dosage milligram grid