By Mathew Fairfax | Feb 9, 2022

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

By Mathew Fairfax | Feb 9, 2022

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    Who makes the Best CBD Gummies for Sleep?  Redeem Therapeutics – According to FORBES.COM/HEALTH!

    Thank you, Forbes, for the recognition. 

    Forbes is a trusted name in consumer education and speaks with authority on health and wellness products.  They have a reputation for unbiased, accurate, and balanced reporting.  Click here to see Redeem’s ranking on  for the best CBD gummies for sleep.

    We set out to create the best CBD gummies for sleep on the market. See our core values.

    Best CBD Gummies for Sleep
    Woot, Woot! Best CBD Gummies for Sleep of 2022!


    All-natural, Science-based Formulation

    (no unproven or unsafe ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, colors, or preservatives)

    At Redeem, we formulate all of our products with all-natural ingredients and scientific precision.  It is integral to who we are.  As a result, our motto is “Grown by Nature, Perfected by Science!”  When it comes to our CBD Gummies for Sleep, we make sure that the combination of CBN CBD and Melatonin; along with  Chamomile, 5-HTP (Griffonia Seed Extract), and Passion Flower Extract is optimal.

    Additionally, each of these ingredients has an important role to play in promoting a good night’s sleep.  They complement each other to help relax your mind and body, reset your natural sleep rhythm, and increase the production of serotonin.

    We use therapeutic quantities of each ingredient in the formulation.  Not just small, ineffective quantities listed for marketing.  Our CBD Gummies for sleep are potent and effective.

    Transparency – Full Disclosure of Ingredients and Third-party Lab Test Results (COA)

    We want to earn your trust!  One way we do this is to send every batch of our CBN CBD and Melatonin Sleep Gummies for testing by an ISO 17025-certified third-party laboratory.  We then post the test results on our website and the testing lab’s site so that you know they are valid.  In other words, we know that trying a wellness product from a company that you may not have heard of can cause a bit of anxiety for some.

    With that in mind, we have provided you with as much evidence as possible to ease your mind.  If the third-party testing is not enough, you can check out Redeem’s reviews provided by real customer feedback and our blog, “CBD Lab Tests, How to read your COA.”

    Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

    Manufactured in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

    Customer reviews, endorsements like Forbes Health, and third-party test results tell you a lot about a company.  But, is your CBD being made in a pharmaceutical-grade facility?  At Redeem, we manufacture all of our products in our South Carolina facility.  We use only US-grown organic hemp that we extract, purify, and formulate in full compliance with USA FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

    The term “cGMP” is thrown around a lot in CBD marketing.  In many cases, that’s all it is; marketing.  But, here at Redeem, it is a culture based on experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.  Our senior leadership has over 60 years of experience in implementing cGMP-compliant quality and manufacturing systems.  In fact, our sister company is a registered FDA Medical Device Establishment.

    Therefore, we truly understand the importance of cGMP compliance and how to achieve it.  It is how we ensure that your product is consistent, safe, and effective.   We don’t take this commitment lightly.  That’s the Redeem Promise!

    Redeem Therapeutics "Our Promise" Badge

    Gummies are not Your First Choice?

    We understand that not everyone is excited about CBD Gummies for Sleep. So, we offer another option. A Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Oil. Our CBD Sleep Oil is formulated to be similar to our gummies. Redeem CBD, CBN, and Melatonin Sleep Oil is offered in a spray and dropper for convenient dosing in a slightly sweet Honey-Lemon Flavor.

    CBD CBD Melatonin Sleep Oil


    Is your sleep complicated by Discomfort?

    Try a bundle of CBD Gummies for Sleep or Sleep Oil with our Redeem CBD Pain Cream. Use the CBD Pain Cream right before bed to ease the discompfort for over-use, arthritis, muscle pain, and nerve pain. It is a magic combination that our customers swear by. See our blog, “Pain and Lack iof Sleep, It’s a Vicous Cycle.”

    CBD Pain Cream & CBD Spray Bundle


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