By Redeem Therapeutics | Jan 11, 2024

CBD and CBN for Sleep: A Natural Duo for Enhancing Sleep Quality

CBD and CBN for Sleep: A Natural Duo for Enhancing Sleep Quality

By Redeem Therapeutics | Jan 11, 2024

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    Among the more than 100 different kinds of naturally occurring chemical components called cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant are cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN).

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives users a high. You may be familiar with THC. However, CBD and CBN are referred to as weaker medicines than THC. This indicates that they don’t cause mental changes and aren’t psychoactive. Rather, their health advantages are highlighted. They’re not the same, though. The impacts of CBD and CBN are distinct despite their shared interaction with your body’s receptors.

    More people are using CBD than CBN. It comes primarily from the hemp plant and is safe to eat. State laws, however, differ. CBD products containing CBD may be found everywhere, from gas stations to grocery shops.

    It is frequently used to assist in treating the symptoms of many chronic pain disorders, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other illnesses.

    CBN Gummies are gradually becoming more well-known due to their possible advantages for improving sleep.

    What Is CBD, or Cannabidiol?

    CBD and CBN for sleep

    One of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa is CBD, which is frequently used for its possible medicinal benefits as well as to avoid the highly intoxicating effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to Bethany Campbell, chief patient educator at Kaya Life, the drug physician clinic with locations in Florida and Mississippi.

    The endocannabinoid system is the biological system responsible for preserving homeostasis and a healthy central nervous system, which is how the body absorbs CBD. CBD treats a range of ailments, including pain, anxiety, arthritis, migraines, seizures, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

    CBD products are widely accessible in various dosages and forms, including oils and tinctures, consumables like gummies and beverages, capsules, and topicals, due to their rising popularity recently. The legality of CBD differs from state to state despite its widespread use.

    What is CBN?

    CBD and CBN for sleep

    Cannabinol (CBN) is mainly used to help individuals sleep better. CBN is found in several consumer items to assist in inducing sleep. One of our recent blog postings discusses CBN perks. In our recent sleep study, CBN, CBD, and THC increased sleep by 72 minutes each night. With CBN, participants felt more rested, less worried, and slept better.

    Sleep deprivation causes attention loss, emotional fluctuations, and a weaker immune system, which can lead to illness. Improved sleep using substances like CBN can boost mental clarity, vitality, and quality of life.

    CBN and Sleep

    CBN is still in its early phases if CBD research is still regarded as such. Sandland Sleep CEO Josh Townsend claims that even less research has been done on CBN than on CBD. CBN appeared to have sedative qualities in a Steep Hill Labs study. However, the lab later stated that more investigation is required to determine whether that is true.

    Townsend believes CBN might help with sleep because it contains terpenes, even if we don’t have enough studies to understand this fully. “Cannabinoids are not the only substances found in hemp or cannabis plants. There are various additional compounds as well. The widespread consensus is that the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis/hemp plant are a result of the synergy between all these chemicals. Townsend refers to this phenomenon as the entourage effect.

    You may be familiar with the controversy over “full spectrum” versus “broad spectrum” CBD; many have asked which is superior. For Townsend, terpenes are the key to all of this. “Because all of the terpenes & flavonoids were left in full spectrum oil, the camp that supports it says there is a bigger entourage effect. While most of the terpenes and flavonoids in broad-spectrum oil have been eliminated, the CBD content is higher, the speaker notes.

    All plants contain terpenes, accounting for the therapeutic effects of CBD and CBN. “It is now generally acknowledged, based on both empirical and scientific studies, that several terpenes—beta-caryophyllene, cedrol, linalool, and alpha-pinene in particular—help promote calmness and sleep.,” claims Townsend.

    What Uses and Benefits Does CBD Offer?

    Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes you feel high, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It is frequently taken by people to address a variety of ailments, including pain and anxiety.

    Although CBD research is still in its early phases, some preliminary studies have shown encouraging findings and determined that CBD has a high safety profile.

    Management Of Depression and Anxiety

    According to preliminary research, CBD may be an effective substitute for prescription drugs in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Although CBD’s precise mechanism of action is unknown, researchers believe it may have positive effects by binding to 5-HT1A receptors.

    Before giving a speech in public, 57 participants in a 2019 Brazilian study received 150, 300, or 600 mg of CBD as a placebo. The subjects who received 300 mg of CBD showed a considerable reduction in anxiety, according to the study. Dr. Scott Shannon supervised a 2019 study in which patients with anxiety or sleep disorders received daily doses of 175 mg of CBD. 79.2 percent of respondents reported reduced anxiety symptoms at a follow-up one month later.

    Alleviation Of Pain

    Research indicates that by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD may be useful in relieving chronic pain. Seven patients who had just received kidney transplants participated in a 2018 trial in which they were given 150 mg of CBD twice a day for three weeks. Four patients got moderate pain improvement, two had complete pain relief, and one had no change in pain.

    For those interested in exploring the sleep-enhancing benefits of CBD, the Broad-Spectrum CBD Tincture for Sleep – Honey Lemon is an excellent choice. Its unique formulation combines the natural power of CBD with a pleasant honey lemon flavor, making it both effective and enjoyable.

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    What Are CBN’s Uses and Benefits?

    The psychoactive cannabis compound THC is broken down to produce CBN. Although it is somewhat psychoactive, it doesn’t usually give users the same high as THC. Compared to CBD, CBN is not as often explored. Very little research has been done yet to examine its possible advantages. Although products like CBN Gummies are frequently promoted as sleep aids, much more study is required to support these claims. The following are some typical applications and possible advantages of CBN:


    A lot of people say that CBN makes them sleep better. Only one study, conducted in 1975 with just five male subjects, suggests it may have soothing properties. Participants in the study reported more sedative effects from the combination of THC and CBN than from THC alone.

    Pain Relief

    According to a 2019 rat study, both CBD and CBN could decrease rats’ myofascial pain. CBD and CBN together are significantly more beneficial than either substance alone. The researchers concluded that fibromyalgia and temporomandibular problems may both be helped by CBN and CBD.

    For those seeking a comprehensive solution combining the benefits of CBD and CBN, the, and botanicals offer a synergistic blend to promote restful sleep. These gummies are a convenient and delicious way to incorporate these cannabinoids into your nightly routine.

    How CBD Works

    • CB1 and CB2 Receptor Modulation: Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, CBD does not directly connect to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Rather, it indirectly modifies these receptors. Depending on the situation, CBD may either promote or prevent endocannabinoids from binding to these receptors. This modification may impact both neurotransmitter release and receptor signaling.
    • How It Interacts with Other Receptors: CBD interacts with many different receptors in the body, including GABA receptors (which regulate anxiety and stress), serotonin receptors (5-HT1A), and TRPV1 receptors (which are involved in pain perception). The effects of CBD on mood, anxiety, and pain perception are partly attributed to these interactions.
    • Preventing Enzyme Activity: CBD prevents the breakdown of anandamide by enzymes such as FAAH. CBD may have a mood-enhancing impact by raising anandamide levels by blocking these enzymes.

    CBD and CBN for Sleep. What Should You Look For?

    Still, finding CBN products is harder than finding CBD products. However, if you want to include the power of CBN into your nighttime routine, there are a few essential phrases you should be aware of. Among them are:

    • Products containing broad-spectrum CBD: A broad-spectrum product might be the best option if you’re looking for a CBD product with traces of CBN. All the naturally occurring substances found in cannabis, along with trace quantities of THC, are present in broad-spectrum CBD products. However, since most of the THC has been eliminated, the product probably contains very little CBN.
    • CBD products with a full spectrum: Completely natural cannabis chemicals, including 0.3 percent or less THC, are included in full-spectrum CBD products. A full-spectrum product will provide you with more CBN than a broad-spectrum one.

    How you want to utilize your CBD or CBN and how much you can afford to spend will determine which product is best for you. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD products will include some CBN, but not as much as CBN isolate.

    Getting your CBD and CBN goods from a reputable seller is something you should always aim to do, regardless of the kind you choose is best for you. When purchasing, there are three important things you should look for:

    • A certificate of authenticity (COA): When a product gets a certificate of authenticity (COA), an independent lab has conducted third-party testing. The COA is typically scannable from the manufacturer’s website or a QR code on the label.
    • Accurate labeling: Carefully read the product’s label. The label’s components and CBN and CBD content should align with the COA.
    • Company reputation: Examine customer testimonials for the business selling you CBD and CBN. You should ascertain whether they have a solid reputation or their goods frequently leave clients feeling let down.

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    CBN in Comparison with Other Well-Known Sleep Aids (e.g., Melatonin)

    It has been demonstrated that melatonin and CBN may have sleep-promoting properties. This is how the two are contrasted:

    • Origin: Melatonin is a hormone generated by the pineal gland inside the brain. CBN is a naturally occurring chemical found in the cannabis plant.
    • Mechanism of action: Melatonin regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycle by informing the brain when it is time to sleep. CBN is thought to encourage relaxation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.
    • Effectiveness: Research is needed to completely understand the effectiveness and ideal dosages of CBN and melatonin, which have been demonstrated to have potential calming effects at night.
    • Safety: When taken as prescribed, CBN and melatonin are both generally regarded as safe; however, there is a chance that they will interact with certain drugs or cause negative effects. It is vital to consult a healthcare provider before utilizing any of these drugs.
    • Legal considerations: Melatonin and CBN have different legal statuses depending on location. While it is prohibited in some areas, CBN is permitted for recreational and medical use in others. Melatonin is typically sold over the counter in numerous locations.

    It’s crucial to remember that melatonin and CBN’s safety and efficacy for promoting sleep can differ based on the user and the product. See a healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement or drug regimen.


    It’s critical to understand the distinctions between these cannabinoids and other plant constituents as cannabis use grows. Each has a specific function that enhances our overall health and well-being. Ask a medical professional who has experience with cannabis therapy if you have any queries about the potential use of CBD and CBN. Together, you can determine if it is a good match for you.

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