By Mathew Fairfax | Dec 8, 2022

CBD Softgels Are Here – Get 40% Off Our Newest Product

CBD Softgels Are Here – Get 40% Off Our Newest Product

By Mathew Fairfax | Dec 8, 2022

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    We are so excited to introduce our newest line of CBD products – CBD softgels!

    Redeem Therapeutic’s CBD Softgels are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD, CBN, or Delta-8. They offer the benefit of convenience and allow those that do not like the taste of other ingestible CBD or hemp products.

    Our Softgels are formulated with the highest-quality US-grown, organic hemp extracts with and without THC. Our CBD Softgels are made from all-natural ingredients, precisely formulated, and provide consistent results.

    Get CBD Softgels in 4 formulations:

    👉 Daily CBD Softgel – 25mg – Broad Spectrum – 0% THC
    👉 Daily CBD Softgel – 25mg – Full Spectrum – with THC
    👉 Energy and Focus Softgel – 25mg CBD with CBG, Caffeine, Taurine, and Vitamin B12
    👉 Delta 8 Softgel – 15mg

    For a limited time, take 40% off with coupon code Softgel40 (one use per customer, coupon expires Monday, December 12, 2022).

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