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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

What is Broad spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad Spectrum Oil has undergone a process to remove the Delta 9 THC and is considered THC free down to a non-detectable limit. Broad spectrum CBD oil contains all the other naturally extracted cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC and as many of the terpenes that survived the distillation process as possible.

Will Full Spectrum CBD Oil make me high?

No, broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC.

Why take Broad spectrum CBD Oil?

If you are subject to drug testing or are sensitive to THC, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is a good alternative. It provides all the benefits of full spectrum minus any therapeutic effects that can be attributed to THC. While many of our customers swear by Full Spectrum CBD Oil, our Broad Spectrum customers also report great results in achieving their desired goals.

How much broad spectrum CBD oil should I take?

CBD Oil is extremely well tolerated and has few adverse effects. As with any cannabis product, we suggest you start low and go slow. Start with the recommended dosage on the label, then increase gradually until you achieve the desired effect.

Are there side effects from taking Broad spectrum CBD Oil?

When taken responsibly there are few reported negative side effects of broad spectrum CBD Oil. With that said, some people have experienced dry mouth, sleepiness, decreased appetite, digestive issues (from the carrier oil), drug interactions, and changes in mood. While there have been no allergic reactions reported for our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, our MCT oil is coconut derived. If you have a coconut allergy, we suggest you do not use this product. If you are taking any prescription drugs, we recommend that you act your doctor before using CBD products.

How is Broad spectrum CBD oil made

Broad spectrum CBD oil is made by removing the THC from the CBD extract after distillation. The THC free CBD distillate is then diluted in a carrier oil such as MCT, hemp seed, or olive oil. Flavors may be added at this point. RedeemRX uses all natural, organic MCT oil and flavors in our products.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Used for?

The FDA does not allow us to make any claims regarding conditions that are treated by our products. Our customers report that our Broad spectrum CBD is being used for improvement of sleep, reduction of stress, relieving physical discomforts, and general wellness.

Where can I buy quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

If you want the highest quality product made with transparency and integrity, RedeemRX is the one you want. That is the Redeem Promise!

Should I buy Spray or Dropper?

We offer our Full and Broad Spectrum Oils in a spray bottle and in the traditional dropper bottle. Both dose applicators are effective. However, the spray bottle offers a finer mist of CBD oil that has a greater surface area, improving the absorption or bioavailability of the oil. But the choice comes down to your preference. If you want more information on spray versus dropper, see our blog.

Whole Plant or Flower Only CBD?

While the term whole plant CBD sounds great, in reality it is not. Cannabinoids and terpenes are made for glands in the hemp flower called trichomes. Trichomes do not exist in the stems, stalks, or roots of the plant. Consequently, the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in these part is extremely low to non-existent. Extracting these parts is essentially a waste of time and can contribute to higher level of impurities in the extract. This is why we use only the flower to make our exceptional quality full and broad spectrum CBD oils.

Can you use broad spectrum CBD oil for vaping?

You should not use any CBD product not specifically designed for vaping. Full Spectrum CBD oils will not vaporize cleanly and may contain harmful carrier oils or flavorings.

Can you use broad spectrum CBD oil on your skin?

Yes, many of our customers use broad spectrum CBD oil on minor skin irritations. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent and has been reported to ease various dermatitis conditions.

Can you use broad spectrum CBD oil for your dog?

Yes. Since broad spectrum CBD is THC free, it is a good choice for helping you dog with issues such as separation anxiety, joint pain, and fear of noise (like fireworks). While you can use our broad spectrum CBD for your fur baby, we do make a CBD Oil that is specifically formulated for pets.

Broad spectrum CBD vs Full spectrum CBD

There is a lot of confusing information on the web about CBD. When it comes to full spectrum vs broad spectrum the difference is straight forward.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the naturally extracted cannabinoids and as many of the terpenes that can survive the distillation process as possible. This includes Delta 9 THC. Broad spectrum CBD oil has undergone a process to remove the Delta 9 THC and is considered THC free down to a non-detectable limit.