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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CBD for Dogs

How Does CBD Help Dogs?

Dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system (ES) to ours. They have receptors in their brain and on their organs that respond to phytocannabinoids (plant-based) and naturally produced endocannabinoids. CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with a dog’s ES to modulate physiological conditions such as temperament, focus, inflammation, sleep, appetite, and sleep. CBD can serve as a natural supplement to improve the function of these systems. For an in-depth discussion on the potential benefits of CBD for dogs, see our blog Here.

Will CBD Hurt Dogs?

CBD products derived from hemp are generally regarded as safe for dogs when used according to label instructions. However, products with higher THC levels (above 0.3%) are not recommended for dogs. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than we do. Therefore, THC can have a dramatic effect on the health of your dog.

How Much CBD for Dogs?

We recommend starting with the following dosage and increasing gradually until you have reached the desired effect.
● .25ml (4.2mg of CBD) for small dogs & pets = less 25 lbs.
● .5ml (8.4mg of CBD) for medium dogs & pets = 25-50 lbs.
● 1ml (16.7mg of CBD) for large dogs and pets = 50-100 lbs.

For more detailed information see our blog Here.

Can I Use my Human CBD on my Dogs?

You can. But, our hemp-derived CBD formula for dogs is THC Free and bacon flavored! If you are using your human formulation, make sure it is Broad-Spectrum (THC Free) and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Can CBD Make Dogs Aggressive?

CBD typically has a calming or even sedative effect on dogs.

Can CBD Make Dogs Sleepy?

Yes, CBD is a sedative for dogs.

Can CBD Help Dogs with Diarrhea?

CBD is not typically used for diarrhea. CBD may increase appetite and often is delivered with a carrier oil that may make diarrhea worse.

CBD for Dog for Calm?

Yes, small doses of CBD can make a dog more calm and focused. Trainers often use CBD for dogs that are experiencing behavioral issues. Likewise, CBD is often used for anxiety caused by new social situations, storms, and travel.

CBD for Dogs with Seizures?

As with CBD formulated for hums, CBD for dogs can be helpful for dogs that experience seizures. Consult your veterinarian before using CBD on dogs with seizure disorders.

CBD for Dogs with Joint Issues

Yes, CBD is often used to reduce inflammation in joints and may help reduce pain.