By Redeem | Jan 5, 2021

#1 Completely Organic CBD Sleep Aid

#1 Completely Organic CBD Sleep Aid

By Redeem | Jan 5, 2021

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    Get the Best Sleep the Best Way

    • Delicious Honey Lemon Flavor
    • Hemp Oil with CBN and Melatonin
    • 100% Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO
    • No Additives or Preservatives
    • 0%-THC
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Adheres to cGMP Standards
    • Made in the USA
    “I have been taking Redeem for the past year. I like that they continually test for purity and that it starts as natural organic hemp. I recently tried the “Sleep” with CBN. It helps relax me before I get in to bed and helps me fall asleep quickly. It doesn’t leave you feeling tired, fuzzy, or “hung over” in the morning, like other “sleep aids” do.. I wake-up feeling like I had a really good night sleep.”
    – Robert K.
    Verified Buyer
    5.0 star rating

    All over the world we find hemp being used for relief from a whole host of physical and mental ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. Now, with so many hemp products on the market, can we trust that it will work as a natural sleep aid?

    Sleep is one of the most common reasons that we are starting to see people turn to hemp products. Insomnia can be a symptom of many things that hemp has been known to provide relief for, such as anxiety, stress, poor or irregular sleeping habits, physical illnesses, chronic pain, medications and more.

    The Natural Strength of Hemp + Melatonin for Sleep

    Hemp helps to relax your body and mind, and has been shown to provide relief from inflammation, discomfort, and anxiety. CBD, along with the other naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant, can act as a catalyst in the self-healing process by initiating an increase in production of organic chemicals vital to maintaining homeostasis. In combination with Melatonin, it can act as a powerful natural sleep aid while providing multiple other benefits to your overall physical and mental health.

    Melatonin is a natural hormone that has a central role in your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. When your body is operating in homeostasis, the natural melatonin levels are highest at night and steadily build during the day to promote a state of quiet wakefulness that prepares your body for sleep. The regular rise and fall of melatonin in the bloodstream helps to promote the regular circadian rhythm of a healthy wake/sleep cycle. The addition of melatonin as a supplement can help reset the rhythm.

    best all natural sleep aid with cbd and cbn and melatonin

    The Importance of Better Sleep

    Sleep is one of the biggest factors in maintaining a healthy body and mind. You need to cycle through all stages of non-REM and REM sleep to maintain homeostasis (the state of stable internal, physical, and chemical conditions in our bodies). Specific maintenance and repair functions occur with each stage. A lack of adequate sleep has been linked to many physical and mental issues.

    A recent study conducted over a 6 year period indicated that sleep plays a key role in reducing the amyloid plaques that cause alzhiemers. During deep sleep your brain produces slow waves of fluid that cleanse the brain of proteins that cause these plaques.

    When consistent and sufficient sleep is so critical to our mental and physical well-being, finding a natural product to help remedy our sleep patterns could be life changing.

    Is Hemp + Melatonin Safe?

    It’s commonly asked if our hemp oil for sleep will induce the psychoactive effect referred to as a “high”. The short answer is no. Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant used for therapeutic relief, not for getting high.

    While melatonin generally brings fewer side effects than other sleep medicines, and is not addictive, there can be a few side effects you may want to be aware of. Tell your doctor if you’re thinking about taking any supplement, especially if you take any medicine or have a health condition.

    Side effects reported (from the use of Melatonin NOT from the use of Redeem’s sleep oil):

    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Stomach discomfort
    • Anxiety
    • Crankiness
    • Daytime sleepiness
    • Short-lived depression

    Melatonin supplements might cause problems if you take them with some medicines, including:

    • Blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants)
    • Drugs that suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants)
    • Diabetes drugs
    • Birth control pills
    • Other sleep medications
    • Alcohol

    Will My Sleep Improve Right Away?

    The bottom line is this – Our natural hemp oil for sleep is not magic, and is not a drug that forces your body into unconsciousness. Our formula is a gentle way to realign your sleep cycle and calm your body and mind so that you can get the rest you need.

    There are many outliers that could be disrupting your sleep, from the Television to caffeine, that if not controlled may still effect your sleep while taking our product. We suggest that you implement the following suggestions to help improve your sleep habits and environment.

    • Create a relaxing night time routine to get your body and mind ready for sleep.
    • Take Redeem Sleep formula 30-45 minutes before bed.
    • Make your bedroom dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable.
    • Skip caffeinated beverages within 6 to 8 hours of bedtime.
    • Avoid eating big meals close to bedtime — especially spicy foods, which may cause heartburn.
    • Exercise for at least 20 minutes each day, and try to do it at least 6 hours before bedtime.
    • Skip the TV, tablet, and smartphone before bed. Instead, try reading or listening to soft music.
    • Make it a priority to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
    • Try not to nap. If you nap, keep it short (20-30 minutes) and not close to bedtime. Late-day naps can lead to sleepless nights.
    • Finish that glass of wine at least 3 hours before bed so it doesn’t wake you up later.  Note: The effects of alcohol have be magnified in combination with Redeem’s Sleep Formula.

    Want to try the Redeem™ difference? Shop our Hemp Oil for Sleep online today.

    We use cGMP compliant processes and test each lot of product when making our hemp products. Then, we add back any compound that is below our minimum specification. If our product works for you today, it will work the same with each subsequent purchase. 

    At Redeem, we are only satisfied with the best, which is why we make sure all of our hemp products present the ideal amounts of natural compounds in our balanced formula. Whether you’re enjoying our easy-to-use hemp tincture sprays, our hemp topical pain cream, or our paws-itively amazing hemp oil for pets, you can be confident you are using high-quality, organically grown hemp.

    Be sure to get to know the company behind the product. Check out How We Got Started and the faces behind Our Team.

    Take back your health today with Redeem Therapeutics.

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