Why Should I Trust Redeem Therapeutics?

At Redeem Therapeutics, we use tightly controlled manufacturing processes and scientific research to produce high-quality CBD products that are safe, effective and affordable. Our team uses their 60+ years of experience in pharmaceuticals and science-backed research to develop the best cannabinoid profile for each CBD product that is balanced and consistent every time.

We sell our CBD in our online store, and we can be found in stores nationwide through our wholesale partners. We also specialize in partnering with clients to develop top-quality white label and private label CBD products using cGMP standards. Our services include white label CBD, product packaging and bottling services, boutique hemp processing, full private label partnerships, turn-key logistics, and inventory services. Interested in our white or private label services?


We Are Nothing Without Our Values

At Redeem Therapeutics, we believe it is important to communicate in clear terms who we are. Here is how we summarize that: We are providers of high quality, natural, science-based products, priced to be accessible to all consumers; made and sold with transparency, integrity, and respect.

Transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of everything we do.

You have a lot of options when choosing your CBD. We believe there is no one on the market willing to be as transparent and integrity based as Redeem. We provide you with all the data, evidence and science you could possibly want to prove to you the quality and consistency of our products.

As important as it is to communicate who we are, it is even more important to communicate what we value, and why.

We Believe Pharma-Grade CBD Should Be Accessible to Everyone

When we call our products pharmaceutical-grade, we are applying 60+ years of experience working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to producing CBD products that are safe and effective. We are not making "pharmaceuticals" – but we are applying the skills, techniques, controls, processes and procedures to ensure you are getting the best products on the market.

However, providing this high quality CBD at market cost would mean that it's simply not affordable to a really high portion of society who needs it. This is why we have taken a stand against the norm to provide prices that are well below the industry average. To be clear, Redeem is a for profit company. We have team members and suppliers to pay. We have overhead and operating costs. The list of expenses seems endless some days. These are inescapable realities of being in business. There is also another reality. The CBD is a high margin product and many companies are enjoying these high margins. These high margins translate into prices that make CBD (and its benefits) inaccessible to many people. We believe this is unacceptable. This is why we have taken deliberate action to cut profit margins and as a result, lower our prices. Making our product more accessible. It doesn’t matter how great a product is and how much of a positive impact it can have on your health and wellbeing, if you cannot afford it. For Redeem, this approach to pricing and profits is in perfect alignment with who we are and our values.

We Believe in Honest, Simple, All-Natural Ingredients

There is a lot of discussion about respecting our planet. We agree. We fully understand we cannot change the world alone, but we can contribute by doing our best with what we can control and impact. That's why we strive to provide the finest all-natural ingredients and go organic every chance we get. It starts with the quality of hemp that we use. Our CBD products are sourced from locally grown hemp, harvested on a USDA certified organic farm in Franklin, NC. This farm has been GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified, which means all crop is grown, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible.  

We use organic, all-natural flavoring, as well as other vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. We share our ingredients list on every product page of our website and strive to keep that list short and easy to read - which translates to simple and honest. We don't just talk about it either, we prove it. All products sold are provided with a third-party, un-biased, certificate of analysis where you can see the quality of our products and everything we put in it. 

We Believe in the Power of All-Natural Products, Backed By Science

To provide you with the best quality CBD products, it is critical to combine natural and science-based in a balance harmony. It's easy to produce a natural CBD product with little concern about the science behind it. It is equally as easy to produce a science-based product with no regard for how natural it may be.

Redeem promises all-natural CBD products that are scientifically-formulated, consistent and balanced every time. Using precise measures in our tightly controlled facility, we put the science back into all-natural CBD products. Our products are as natural and organic as we can make them, and we have the science to back up why they are effective and work – time and time again.

We Believe that CBD Education Should Be a Priority for All CBD Brands

As a manufacturer of hemp products, we are at the very core of CBD education. We are the scientists, researchers, and the people who know the most about the products that we have. With CBD still being in the early stages of discovery, it is our job to help educate the general public on the science, the studies, the laws, the risks, the rewards, and everything related to CBD. We also provide top-notch customer service, you can call, email or start a chat anytime you have any questions related to CBD. 


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Pure, Balanced & Consistent - And We Can Prove It

Here at Redeem, we remain transparent and truthful by providing third-party lab testing on all of our CBD products. Each CBD product will have a QR Code that you can scan and be taken to our Test Results page. There, you will match the batch or lot number with the corresponding Certificate of Analysis listed on this page. Test results cover product effectiveness such as CBD potency, THC level, and terpene concentrations, as well as product safety, testing for residual solvents, heavy metals, aflatoxins, pesticides and more. A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, helps to keep our customers safe and informed, and ensures that our products are made to specification. 

See Test Results

We Adhere to Strict Standards for Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD

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The safety and effectiveness of a health and wellness product is determined by the level of consistency and control maintained over the manufacturing process. CBD products are no exception.

Strict Adherence to cGMP

That's why we adhere to what is known as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)At their core, current Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines enforced by the FDA for manufacturers of medical devices, food, supplements, animal feed and veterinary drugs, and human drug products. While the FDA doesn't regulated CBD products, by self-imposed adherence to cGMP manufacturing standards, we reassure our customers that our products are high-quality, safe, and effective.