CBD Pain Cream vs. CBD Tinctures: Which Is Best For You?

Although CBD is becoming increasingly popular among individuals of all ages, there is still confusion surrounding these unique products because many medical professionals cannot prescribe or discuss CBD with their patients. More research is needed to learn more about how this unique compound interacts with our bodies, but anecdotal reports suggest that CBD may have some pretty amazing benefits. The Redeem team is passionate about keeping our customers informed, which is why we are breaking down everything there is to know about two popular CBD products: CBD pain creams and CBD tinctures.

What is CBD Pain Cream?

Like familiar pain creams all over the health and wellness market, CBD pain cream is designed to be applied topically, or directly onto the skin to relieve pain. CBD pain creams are different from ordinary pain creams because of the added benefits associated with the cannabidiol, or CBD, that is included. Although more research is necessary, topical pain creams infused with CBD may provide targeted pain relief with more natural ingredients. Topical CBD pain creams are especially popular among older adults and other individuals suffering from chronic pain caused by conditions like arthritis.

What is a CBD Tincture?

Unlike a CBD pain cream, CBD tinctures are taken orally and can come with a graduated dropper or in a spray bottle to maximize bioavailability. CBD tinctures often work best when applied under the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks, as there are unique glands in these areas that help the CBD metabolize more easily. As with all CBD products, more research is needed to clearly understand exactly how CBD can benefit our bodies through our endocannabinoid systems, but individuals have reported reduced anxiety, improved pain relief, and overall wellness with CBD. 

Which CBD product is best for me?

With CBD having similar potential benefits across a range of products, it can be difficult for customers to know which CBD product is best for them. In many cases, the best way to find the right CBD product for you is simply trial and error. CBD products affect everyone differently due to each product's unique cannabinoids and each individual’s distinct endocannabinoid system. Generally speaking, individuals who may only need occasional relief from aches and pains in specific areas may be satisfied with a CBD pain cream. For others looking for more long-term, consistent benefits, a CBD tincture spray incorporated into a regular wellness routine may do the trick. 

To truly maximize your CBD benefits, however, it is often recommended to use these products in combination to promote synergy within your body through the entourage effect. Each CBD product brings its own unique benefits through its combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, and our bodies use these compounds in different ways. Utilizing a CBD tincture for daily use may help your body find a new equilibrium, and a CBD pain cream may be able to help with those occasional flare-ups of pain. Try a range of CBD products to find the combination that works best for your individual needs.

Just as there is no magical prescription that cures every ailment, there is no perfect CBD solution that will solve every health problem. However, many individuals have experienced enhanced health and wellness by incorporating CBD into their lives. Try a CBD product for yourself and see how your health changes.

At Redeem Therapeutics, we are proud to operate with transparency and consistency as we create high-quality CBD products for our customers. From our unique CBD tinctures for humans and pets to our CBD topical pain cream, we use organic hemp that is grown in the United States. Additionally, we adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), so you can feel confident in the safety of our products. Reclaim your health today with CBD from Redeem Therapeutics.