CBD Topical Pain Cream vs. CBD Oil Tinctures: How To Know Which Is Right For Me

Trying to find the right CBD product for you can be a complicated process, one where you are likely to get overloaded with way too much information.

If you're head is spinning, we are here to help break it down for you.

The key to finding the right CBD product for you is to define the following:

  • What ailments do you need relief from?
  • How often are you struggling with these ailments?
  • Are you at risk of failing a drug test with any level of THC in your system?

While CBD is becoming increasingly popular among individuals of all ages, there is still a lack of education on these unique products because many medical professionals cannot prescribe or discuss CBD with their patients.

More research is needed, but anecdotal reports suggest that CBD may have some pretty amazing benefits with little to no side effects. Simply put, CBD is quickly becoming an all-natural alternative to synthetic medications. But, for it to be effective, you need to be taking the right product. 

Two of the most popular methods of taking CBD to maximize effectiveness are Topicals like pain creams and Tinctures like our CBD Oil Spray tincture.

While it can be a little confusing, we are passionate about spreading the education of CBD, which is why we are breaking down everything there is to know about these two popular CBD products. By the end of this article, you should be a little closer to making a purchase for the best CBD product for you. 

What is a CBD Topical or Pain Cream?

Like pain creams all over the health and wellness market, CBD topicals or pain creams are designed to be applied directly onto the skin to relieve pain.

Topical pain creams infused with CBD have been shown to provide targeted pain relief more effectively with more natural ingredients than traditional pain creams on the market. Our All-Natural CBD Pain Cream is derived from 100% organic hemp and is formulated with a powerful combination of organic menthol, capsicum, arnica extract, aloe, and several potent essential carrier oils. This formulation increases penetration into your skin and delivers fast relief at the source of your pain.

Generally speaking, individuals who may only need occasional relief from aches and pains in specific areas may be satisfied with a CBD pain cream. Topical CBD pain creams are especially popular among older adults and other individuals suffering from chronic pain caused by conditions like arthritis and Sciatica. 

According to the Arthritis Foundation*, 55% of Arthritis sufferers using CBD for symptom relief use a topical hemp product daily. Many doctors recommend the use of topical CBD creams for joint and muscle pain before trying an ingested CBD product. Topical hemp creams can be combined with a CBD tincture to maximize effectiveness.

What is a CBD Oil Tincture?

Unlike a CBD topical, CBD oil tinctures are taken orally. CBD tinctures often work best when applied under the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks, as there are unique glands in these areas that help the CBD metabolize more easily.

We’ve learned that by taking your tincture consistently and increasing the length of time that tinctures remain in the mouth, one may increase overall effectiveness. It is currently recommended to take the tinctures daily and hold the CBD oil under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 

CBD tinctures are for those who are looking for more long-term, consistent benefits of CBD. They are popular among those who need daily relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression and other ailments. They are most effective when incorporated into a daily wellness routine and taken regularly.

Our CBD Oil Spray Tinctures are designed to maximize effectiveness by dispersing the CBD into smaller particles in a spray form so that your salivary glands can ingest the oil faster and more thoroughly. Our CBD spray also provides the benefit of precise, metered CBD dosage, which makes it more efficient and easier to use. It's far less messy than traditional droppers.

Our Optimal Spectrum™ CBD oil is a "cut above" the rest. Individuals have reported reduced anxiety, improved pain relief, and overall wellness with our proprietary formula.

Which CBD product is right for me?

With CBD having similar potential benefits across a range of products, it can be difficult for customers to know which CBD product is best for them. In many cases, the best way to find the right CBD product for you is simply trial and error. CBD products affect everyone differently due to each product's unique cannabinoids and each individual’s distinct endocannabinoid system.

What ailments do you need relief from & how often?

Irregular Aches & Pains

If you only need relief from physical pain that is happening on an irregular basis, we recommend a CBD topical like our All-Natural CBD Pain Cream

Every Day Wellness

If you are in pain every day, struggle with mental health issues like depressions or anxiety, or are looking to improve your overall wellness, we recommend incorporating our CBD Oil Spray Tinctures into your daily routine. 

To truly maximize your CBD benefits, however, it is often recommended to use these products in combination to promote synergy within your body through the entourage effect. Each CBD product brings its own unique benefits through its combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, and our bodies use these compounds in different ways. Utilizing a CBD tincture for daily use may help your body find a new equilibrium, and a CBD pain cream may be able to help with those occasional flare-ups of pain. Try a range of CBD products to find the combination that works best for your individual needs.

Just as there is no magical prescription that cures every ailment, there is no perfect CBD solution that will solve every health problem. However, many individuals have experienced enhanced health and wellness by incorporating CBD into their lives. Try a CBD product for yourself and see how your health changes.

Are you at risk of failing a drug test with any level of THC in your system?

Keep in mind that Full-Spectrum CBD products always have a little THC in them. While they are required by law to be within legal limits, that doesn't mean that it won't show up on a drug test. If you have a reason to be clear of THC, it's best that you stick with Broad-Spectrum products which have all traces of THC removed.  

It's extremely important to be your own advocate on your CBD journey. Do your research, ask as many people as many questions as you can, and try to find the facts before trusting a company with your health. 

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