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Hemp Extract For Dogs



We're excited to bring the power of Redeem's Optimal Spectrum CBD to canine's of all sizes (small, medium and large). Does your dog struggle with anxiety, arthritis, pain or appetite issues? If so, our new Hemp Extract for Dog may be just the thing your furry friend has been begging for. And it's bacon flavored–– your welcome.

Dog Size Classifications:
Small dog = less 25 lbs.
Medium dog = 25-50 lbs.
Large dog = over 50-lbs.

As you know, dogs are like humans.

Our hemp-based CBD oil for Pet's is crafted in the Carolinas by Pharmacists and Scientists who only want the best for our pets. That's why we use Olive Oil opposed to MCT Oil, along with a nice chicken flavor to sweeten the deal. 

Dogs and cats often have more sensitive digestive systems than humans, which is why pet owners should find CBD oil that is suspended in olive oil and more easily digestible than MCT oil.

Just like for humans, CBD interacts with our dpgs' Endocannabinoid system. One study from 2018 indicates that CBD may increase comfort and activity levels for dogs with osteoarthritis, while another study from 2019 suggests that CBD may also be beneficial for dogs with seizures. A third study evaluates the efficacy of different CBD treatments and reports that CBD oil tinctures for dogs and cats is the best delivery method for our furry friends when compared to topicals and capsules. 

How is Redeem™ Hemp-Based CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets Administered?

Hemp-Based CBD tinctures are taken orally in such a way to get into the blood stream effectively. They often work best when applied under the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks, as there are unique glands in these areas that help the CBD metabolize more easily. Our CBD oil tinctures for pets are packaged in dropper bottles and administered with a pipette to make it easy to place the oil where you want it in your pet's mouth.

If your pet is experiencing chronic pain, and medications don’t seem to be working, it may be time to explore some other options. Learn more about how CBD for dogs and cats may be an alternative for treating pain.

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Promotes Health & Wellness

Your body has an incredible natural ability to heal itself. But it's also under constant attack from the stressors of life. This CBD is specifically designed to empower you to take back your health and live your best life now.

Consistent Formula

Variations from plant to plant result in inconsistencies. To ensure that you get the same CBD product each time, we use our "Optimal Spectrum" process–– where we meticulously balance compounds in order to achieve our precise formula.

Easily Absorbed

A sprayer makes for smaller particles that are more readily absorbed by your body. That means Redeem CBD oil gets you more bang for your buck as a little bit of CBD goes a long way.