White & Private Label CBD

Grow with Redeem is our White & Private Label Program. We specialize in partnering with clients to develop top-quality white label and private label hemp based cannabinoid products (CBD, CBN, Delta-8, etc.). We currently offer tincture, gummy, and topical products.  Our Redeem™ promise is to always remain 100% transparent and provide our partners with the confidence to stand proudly behind their brand. 

 CBD White Labeling +
Your brand idea in combination with our proven formulations is the quickest and most cost-effective way to enter the CBD market. Our white label CBD products will allow you to emphasize your brand and leverage our products.  We can do more than just apply your label to our bottle.  We offer a full range of options to meet your needs.  Label and brand design, warehousing and fulfillment are also in our wheelhouse.  Just let us know how we can help.  Click here to enter our Grow with Redeem site.

 CBD Private Labeling +
If our formula isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, our private label CBD program is the solution. Redeem’s scientists collaborate with your team to develop a proprietary CBD formula that suits your brand and meets your unique market niche.  Interested in other cannabinoids such as CBG or Delta-8?  We can do that.  Water compatible cannabinoids?  We can do that to!  We have over 60 years of pharmaceutical experience inhouse.  We are up to the challenge!  

 Please contact us to discuss your goals and let’s work together to find a solution that meets those goals. To learn more about our white & private label CBD manufacturing services, visit www.growwithredeem.com


See why Frontier Label named us one of the top White and Private Label Companies!